We take responsibility

For our environment, for our employees and for our products.


Corporate Social Responsibility at SIVIS

Taking responsibility is deeply rooted in the culture and values of SIVIS. As a medium-sized company with an international growth strategy, we have a great responsibility towards the environment, society and our employees. Consequently, CSR is embedded in our corporate strategy and is actively promoted at management level.

In order to meet this major mission, we have based our CSR strategy on two fields of activity.

Firstly, the environment, which we actively protect as a climate-neutral company. Secondly, our employees, for whom equal opportunities are ensured. This also includes the integration of people with disabilities into everyday working life. The only relevant criteria for us are professional and personal qualifications.

CSR is embedded in our corporate strategy and is actively promoted at management level.

Philipp Latini | CEO SIVIS GmbH

We take responsibility for the environment

We want to make a contribution to protecting the environment and maintaining the best possible living conditions for future generations. As a result, SIVIS is a climate-neutral company and supports projects for environmental protection.

We take responsibility for our employees

Our employees are our most valuable assets, as they are our key to the company’s success. Therfore, all employees and job applicants have the same opportunity at SIVIS. Only professional and personal qualifications are relevant.

Career at SIVIS

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