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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take responsibility

Responsibility for the environment     Responsibility for our employees

Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking responsibility is deeply rooted in the culture and values of SIVIS. As a medium-sized company with an international growth strategy, we have a great responsibility towards the environment, society and our employees. 

In order to cope with this great task, our CSR strategy is based on two fields of activity. Firstly, the environment, which we actively protect as a climate-neutral company. On the other hand, the employees, for whom equal opportunities exist. At SIVIS, this also includes inclusion; the only decisive factor is professional and personal qualification.

CSR is embedded in our corporate strategy and is actively promoted at management level.
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We take responsibility for the environment 

We would like to leave an intact environment and the best possible living conditions to future generations, which is why we take responsibility.

We are a climate-neutral company

For us, it goes without saying that we do our part to preserve the environment and take responsibility for it. We want to leave future generations an intact environment and the best possible living conditions. That is why we are committed to climate protection.

This means that we have recorded all CO2 emissions that occur in SIVIS and try to reduce or avoid them.


Our cooperation with ClimatePartner

In our mission to be a climate-neutral company, we are supported by ClimatePartner. The fact that we are a climate-neutral company is confirmed by the ClimatePartner label.

ClimatePartner works to improve the personal living condition of people, animals and plants worldwide through climate protection. The team of climate experts and strategic planners helps us calculate our CO2 emissions, as well as reduce and offset them.

Our collaboration takes place over three steps:


We take responsibility for our employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset

We know that our employees are our key to success. Only with them can we offer our customers future-oriented, high-quality and innovative solutions. That's why we take responsibility for each and every employee. We create an environment in which the diverse strengths of all employees can be brought to bear in the best possible way.

We also advocate an open corporate culture in which the development of different ways of thinking and working is possible. Because we want a team with a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds and strategies for solving problems. That's why we encourage the commitment, know-how and creativity of our employees.



We have offices in three countries: Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. Our international collaboration offers us cultural diversity. In addition, a wide variety of characters and employees of all ages bring many different perspectives to the work and the company.



We actively support the next generation of scientists by providing students with professional support in writing their bachelor's and master's theses. Furthermore, we offer apprenticeships as IT specialist system integration and IT specialist application development, depending on capacity.


At SIVIS, it's all about people 

Our appreciation is the same for all employees - regardless of age, disability, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, world view and culture. It goes without saying that all our employees have the same opportunities, because only their professional and personal qualifications count for us.

Equal opportunities are also of paramount importance to us throughout the application process. From job posting to selection, it is clear that motivation and skills are the only things that are relevant to us. This is anchored in our corporate strategy and is actively promoted at management level.


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