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SIVIS Enterprise Security is the ultimate solution for fast and effective IAM. Explore our editions and find the option that meets your organization's needs. 

SIVIS Enterprise Security 

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Roles and Authorizations

Control your authorization management for your entire IT environment simply and centrally with SIVIS Enterprise Security.

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Authorization Management more efficient than ever - for SAP and Microsoft

Most authorization concepts have grown over time. Time and again, authorizations have been extended or new authorizations have been added. The result? Chaos. Managing it is not only very time-consuming, but it also poses a major threat to your entire system.

Reduce the administrative effort of your authorization management

The overall security of your IT system depends to a large extent on the authorizations assigned and the access options available to users. The basis for this is a sensibly maintained authorization concept. With SIVIS Enterprise Security, you manage access rights and users with one tool from a single source. 

Always receive the appropriate authorization suggestions for each role. In the background, SIVIS Enterprise Security determines which authorizations are available in which roles and thus provides a hit list with suitable suggested values. The subsequent implementation takes place without manual effort . 
In addition, the separation of functions and packages enables better overview and makes it much more easy to change roles, for example .



Automated role creation with the SIVIS Authorization Robot

With the SIVIS Authorization Robot, a new era is dawning in the creation of authorization concepts. Discover our first virtual role consultant and shorten your project times by 84 percent. 

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Authorization Management with SIVIS


The SIVIS solutions for your authorizations are constantly being further developed and adapted to the latest conditions. This ensures that your authorization concept is always state-of-the-art.


Your authorizations will be easy to manage for the long term. You can implement changes with minimal effort - no matter how large your company is.


Assign only the authorizations that your users really need. In addition, you will be alerted if an authorization conflict arises during assignment.

Relieve your IT staff and
optimize your SAP authorizations

With SIVIS Application Management Services, we offer you a highly qualified service for the application management of your SAP authorizations.

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Gain more transparency and clarity in your role concept

Opaque, decentralized administration of authorizations, heterogeneous role landscapes and time-consuming role maintenance - this is what many role concepts look like in practice. The structures have often grown historically and involve a great deal of manual work. There is a lack of transaction documentation, there are too many and non-transparent roles and workflow processes are missing.

This is where SIVIS Enterprise Security comes in. It enables simple and central administration of all roles in your systems. All changes to the roles are documented, which in turn ensures more transparency and clarity in your role concept.

In order to renew your role concept for the first time or only partially, our annually updated role templates will help you. This provides you with a basis on which you can quickly and individually create a suitable role concept. 

Simplify your S/4HANA migration

Learn more about how SIVIS can help you ensure a smooth transition to SAP S/4HANA. We help you optimize your authorization concept and simplify your migration.

How we can help you

Role templates for SAP

Choose from over 1,100 proven role templates. Use our up-to-date templates for individual process steps, roles, and entire workstations. This makes new development of an entire role concept or partial renewal more efficient than ever before . 

Authorization Management

Assign only as many authorizations as necessary. Authorizations are created according to user behavior and thanks to tracing, authorization problems can be easily analyzed and solved. You receive automatic suggestions for solutions to authorization problems.

Fallback function

No more fear of a go-live. With the built-in fallback function and use of old and new authorizations, you are safe and avoid failures.

Mass changes

Easily change organizational levels, field values of authorizations for an authorization object and field values of authorizations for an authorization field. 


The supply of the destination systems is integrated into a workflow process. Any number of destination systems can be supplied, for example SAP ERP, S/4, BI, HR, HANA.

Role construction and administration

Get the appropriate authorizations suggested automatically, including consistent role names. Role consolidation is supported by functions and thus, massively facilitated.


In interaction with compliance functions, roles can be audited before and after the change request. Audit compliance from the perspective of the auditors and the revision is ensured. The request and approval processes can be simple or multi-step as required. From an audit and revision perspective, there is a complete overview of the change history.

Documentation and versioning

Simply create clarity with the automatic documentation. This complies with legal and quasi-legal requirements and is therefore audit-proof. Changes to individual roles are documented and versioned in a traceable manner. For example, it is possible to see who made which changes and when. This ensures clarity and transparency in role administration and guarantees smooth auditing.



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We present you an Authorization Management that leaves you time for the essentials. 
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