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SIVIS Enterprise Security is the ultimate solution for fast and effective IAM. Explore our editions and find the option that meets your organization's needs. 

SIVIS Enterprise Security 

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License and Asset Management

Proactively monitor and manage your licenses and track inventory of your IT and non-IT assets with SIVIS Enterprise Security.

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Keep track of your licenses – easily and efficiently

Most organizations find that, in some areas, they have more licenses than they need – and that in others they have fewer than they use in practice. Both unnecessary and insufficient licensing can cost organizations thousands of euros every single year. Through automated Access and License Management and dynamic reporting features, SIVIS Enterprise Security can dramatically reduce your unnecessary licensing expenses.

Without a comprehensive view of your organization's licenses, not only are you risking unnecessary expenses, but you're also creating significant challenges when it comes to preparing for both internal and external audits.

Centralized view of all your licenses

SIVIS Enterprise Security streamlines your License Management processes by providing a centralized view of all your licenses and associated costs, including which licenses you have for specific applications. Additionally, you'll gain insight into license distribution amongst your employees, their corresponding access rights and the cost of those access rights. 
With SIVIS Enterprise Security, you can maximize the value of your license portfolio and easily scale your inventory to meet changing demands.

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Dynamic reporting features

The powerful reporting capabilities allow you to track license allocation and consumption, gain complete overview of your organization’s assets, as well as analyze data for financial and compliance audits on a regular basis.

License pools

With the ability to prioritize licenses in license pools, you can avoid double licensing and ensure that different license types do not overlap, thereby optimizing license usage and reducing unnecessary costs.

Cost registration

Effortlessly record license costs for your organization's applications and gain an overview of employee access costs. Control and assess your licensing needs, avoid over-licensing, and optimize your licensing budget with ease.


Optimize your License Management – across both SAP and Microsoft environments

With SIVIS Enterprise Security, you can take control of your SAP and Microsoft licensing costs and optimize your license usage. The platform utilizes a dynamic transaction database, known as the optimization engine, to determine the ideal license types for your users. This engine is constantly updated with new transactions, ensuring that it reflects the latest changes to pricing and conditions.

By collecting usage data from individual users and comparing it against the transaction database, SIVIS Enterprise Security can automatically adjust license types to ensure that they match actual usage behavior. This ensures that you are not paying for licenses that are not being fully utilized, while also avoiding additional payments for under-licensing.

In addition to optimizing license usage, the platform also provides detailed insights into your licensing landscape, enabling you to make informed decisions about your licensing strategy. With SIVIS Enterprise Security, you can streamline your licensing process, reduce costs and ensure that your organization is fully compliant with licensing regulations.


Role-based license assignment

Assign and revoke licenses automatically based on employee roles and scale your license portfolio effortlessly as your organization grows and evolves.

Centralized license management

Manage all licenses from one single, centralized solution to improve tracking, streamline compliance and reduce the rise of license misuse.

Guaranteed software license compliance

SIVIS Enterprise Security collects all license information for checking software license compliance. This allows you to avoid over- and under-licensing and easily ensure compliance with contract terms.


Effortlessly administer your company's assets

Managing your organization's assets can be a daunting task. Without a complete overview of your company devices and their activities, you risk potential security breaches and loss of assets. Manual creation of assets and maintaining audit trails can also be a time-consuming process, resulting in wasted resources. 

With SIVIS Enterprise Security's Asset Management feature, you can easily gain complete visibility over your asset inventory, including registered assets in Microsoft Intune. By logging all activities related to the device and maintaining an audit trail, you can take control and reduce the risk of security breaches and potential loss of assets.
Say goodbye to the pain of asset mismanagement and gain complete control over your organization's assets with SIVIS Enterprise Security.



Increased organizaional efficiency

Reduce manual efforts for license allocation and license measurement – and increase efficiency by automating all license related processes.

Comprehensive asset inventory

Easily manage your organization's assets, whether they're manually created or registered in Microsoft Intune. Access a comprehensive view of all your assets in one centralized location, with in-depth details on each device's hardware and software configuration.

Complete audit trail

Keep complete audit trails for company devices. Easily log all device-related activities, track access and actions taken, and stay ahead of security threats and compliance issues .


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