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Software usage holistically at a glance

Software License Management is a central component in the management of IT resources within a company.


Software License Management is part of Software Asset Management (SAM) and deals with the selection, verification and distribution of software licenses for all devices you use in the company. The goal here is to ensure correct use of the software and to avoid overlicensing or underlicensing. On the one hand, this reduces costs, and on the other, it lowers the risk of legal conflicts and contractual penalties.

License Management applies to all systems and covers both locally deployed applications and software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud. And, of course, it keeps track of how many users are using a particular piece of software and for what purposes. So you keep an eye on every single license agreement.


When License Management Processes are centrally controlled and partially automated, you free your IT staff from time-consuming and monotonous tasks. This allows your specialists to concentrate on more important tasks.

With good solutions, Software License Management can also be linked to Identity and Access Management (IAM). In this way, employees are automatically provided with exactly the licenses they need to perform their work, depending on their tasks and roles in the company. This ensures license compliance, avoids unnecessary work steps and queries, and at the same time ensures that overlicensing cannot happen so easily.

The centralized management of licenses then also gives you a precise insight into the use of the licensed software - and you can keep an eye on the costs incurred. This allows you to select your licenses even more precisely and cost-efficiently in the future.

As a side benefit, all license assignments in the company are documented, so you don't have to worry when a software license compliance audit is due. This is because license compliance is always automatically controlled and recorded.

Optimize your License Management!

With SIVIS Enterprise Security, you take control of your license costs and optimize your license usage. No matter whether in an SAP environment, with Microsoft software or other programs: The system always determines the optimal license types for your employees based on continuously updated license data and transactions.

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License Management makes many things easier

There are numerous annoyances associated with software License Management that can be resolved if an appropriate license management tool is used and linked to Identity & Access Management.

  • Challenge 1: Compliance - It is important to ensure that software is only used within the scope of the license agreement in order to avoid expensive penalties. With numerous different licenses and license models, the manual management of these licenses quickly becomes very time-consuming.

  • Challenge 2: Cost optimization - Do you really need all the software licenses you pay for? Do you have an overview of all contracts? Together with software Asset Management, which keeps track of which software is used and how, License Management can prevent overlicensing and help you significantly reduce license costs without much effort.

  • Challenge 3: Audit readiness - When you face an audit of your license compliance, it can take an enormous amount of time to gather all the information you need by hand. Digital License Management delivers everything you need at the touch of a button - historical documentation included.


With good license management software such as SIVIS Enterprise Security, these challenges are no longer a problem, but can be taken care of on the side in everyday business. You need an inventory of your current software products? No problem.

The use of such a tool with seamless connection to Identity & Access Management also means that the reallocation of licenses and their withdrawal (e.g. when an employee leaves the company or department) only requires manual intervention in individual cases. This not only increases effectiveness and reduces costs, but also ensures that everyone can concentrate fully on their own work and is always equipped with all the licenses required for this.