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Keep users, auhtorizations and thus compliance under control

Reliable Identity Management is not only a technical necessity, but also essential for the security of your systems and for your compliance.

What is Identity Management?

User administration or user management refers to the administration of users of all IT systems and applications in a company. The administrator sets up users and user IDs in a user account and takes care of access authorizations to files, databases and other resources.

All processes within an organization that manage and maintain user accounts and resources are part of Identity and Access Management (IAM). This includes managing authorizations for users to systems and applications. 

Each user can exercise different user roles or belong to multiple user groups. He then automatically has all the rights of the respective role or group.

Why is Identity Management important?

User administration protects confidential content in the respective system from unauthorized access. It makes it possible to manage users, their access rights and all associated approval processes without a great deal of manual effort. This relieves employees and saves valuable time. Compliance is ensured and seamless documentation is made possible. In this way, you ensure legal compliance and optimally prepare your company for audits.

As the use of clouds, collaborative online work environments and remote work become more popular, Identity Management also becomes more important. Because these technologies make it imperative to combine correct authorizations with identity verification to keep your business protected from unauthorized access.

Identity Life Cycle Management

Good user management ensures that the creation, administration and maintenance of user maintenance can be carried out conveniently for the entire life cycle of a user at a central location.

Important functionalities that can be partially or fully automated are included:

  • On- and offboarding of employees, integration of external or freelance employees and management of temporary users - all with clearly defined workflows.

  • Grant (and revoke) access to data, work materials, systems and devices - depending on predefined groups, roles and tasks.

  • The addition and removal of authorizations remains possible even in individual cases and is logged in accordance with the audit.

  • In the event of changes (such as a change of department or position), necessary adjustments to roles and authorizations are made automatically according to previously defined rules.

  • Self-service: Employees can set up and maintain password and 2FA or MFA channels as well as other components of their account themselves (according to previously defined security criteria), possibly also their own usernames.

All-round user administration from a single source!

We offer you a central user administration from a single source, in which different technologies can be integrated. We offer audit-compliant, maintained and tested processes and automations for SAP, Microsoft (Active Directory) and with connections to various third-party solutions.

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Legally compliant user administration

SIVIS attaches great importance to legally compliant user administration. Five different modules are used to organize the various central tasks that must be taken into account for this.

Identity Manager

Emergency Manager

Compliance Manager

Compliance Reference Manager

Mitigation Manager


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Secure, proven processes, audit-compliant documentation, reliable connection of different technologies.

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