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SIVIS Enterprise Security is the ultimate solution for fast and effective IAM. Explore our editions and find the option that meets your organization's needs. 

SIVIS Enterprise Security 

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Compliance and Governance

Close avoidable security gaps with SIVIS Enterprise Securitiy.

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Mitigate compliance risks

Some of the biggest barriers to compliance arise in connection with creation, maintenance and removal of employees and their access to IT systems and applications. Organizations without governance capabilities put themselves at risk due to inefficient administration of identities and access entitlements. This can result in potential legal and financial penalties for non-compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
SIVIS Enterprise Security ensures that no one can access sensitive data without proper authorization. All person-related actions in your systems are logged, making it significantly easier to document who is registered in your IT applications and why, when and by whom they were created.

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Avoid compliance violations

Compliance violations occur quickly and can be very expensive. SIVIS Enterprise Security supports you in closing compliance gaps in your IT systems and mitigating compliance risks. Your authorization concepts are checked for any vulnerabilities, risks and violations of laws and regulations. The current status of the system can be verified, but new compliance violations can also be detected during the application process for a new role.

Mitigate critical conflicts

Compensating controls may become necessary when critical audit conflicts cannot be avoided. SIVIS Enterprise Security independently detects when an audit conflict arises based on defined roles and automatically communicates this to the responsible parties and documents it. This ensures security when normal security mechanisms such as Segregation of Duties (SoD) are not applicable.  

Cyber security

With regard to the great importance of cyber security today, regulations are becoming increasingly important. In this context, for example, the Europe-wide NIS-2 directive underpins the need for companies to address cyber risk issues. Cyber security and authorization management are complementary, with fewer authorizations potentially leading to a lower risk .

Well prepared even in emergencies

With intelligent emergency access management, you are also well prepared in exceptional cases. In case of illness or vacation, the emergency user takes over tasks that lie outside the actual field of activity. Avoid thereby the assignment of SAP_ALL profiles.


SIVIS Compliance Quick Check 

Protect your company from unwanted access to your sensitive SAP data. We check your SAP authorization concept quickly and completely.

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Organizational processes

Document organizational processes and log whenever events relevant for compliance occur in a clear and user-friendly interface.

Access Governance

Full governance and overview of user identities, rights and accesses across IT environments ensures that all digital accesses live up to the organization’s access policies.

Full log 

Log of all person-related actions across the organization's applications and systems. 

Dynamic reporting

Interactive dashboards establish the required overview and document your compliance and governance efforts in preparation for audits.

Authentication and authorization flows

Automated authentication, authorization and reauthorization workflows as well as conflict simulation ensures  easily enforced access policies. In addition, various reports, such as the SOD matrix report, provide secure access options .

Mitigation of conflicts

Audit-compliant documentation allows for easy management or mitigation of compliance violations. 

Audit queries 

Specific audit queries facilitate audit conflicts and quickly identify irregularities or potential compliance threats .

Automated compliance controls

Automated compliance control runs constantly monitor the IT environment and eliminates compliance risks.

Audit query templates

With over 500 pre-built audit queries, no compliance violation goes unseen. Developed with the help of the DSAG guidelines for ERP audits and based on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Auditors and accountants also work with these guidelines.

SAP emergency user concept

With a visa, users can simply log on and continue working. All operations are logged seamlessly and cannot be changed. In the event of critical transactions, the visa can be withdrawn immediately.

Master crises with the Emergency Manager! 

Manage unplanned work stoppages and an emergency user concept safely and easily with the Emergency Manager from SIVIS. 

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