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SIVIS Enterprise Security is the ultimate solution for fast and effective IAM. Explore our editions and find the option that meets your organization's needs. 

SIVIS Enterprise Security 

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Security begins with identity

SIVIS Enterprise Security is the industry-leading platform for all your Identity and Access Management needs, built on a strong, unified foundation of Microsoft and SAP technology.

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SIVIS Enterprise Security

SIVIS Enterprise Security is a powerful and scalable platform with the security of your organization at heart. Integrate identity security into every aspect of your organization through strong capabilities and processes  within Identity and Access Management, compliance and governance, Role Management and authorization concepts, and License and Asset Management.


SIVIS Enterprise Security eases Identity Lifecycle Management and streamlines Access Management, enabling you to effectively manage your users' access to your organization's resources and data with efficiency.

SIVIS Enterprise Security and IAM


Compliance and governance

With a suite of powerful tools and features, SIVIS Enterprise Security enables you to establish and enforce secure access policies, maintain visibility into user activity and ensure compliance and maintain strong governance over your organization’s data and resources.

Compliance and Governance with SIVIS Enterprise Security


Roles and authorizations

SIVIS Enterprise Security simplifies and centralizes Authorization Management for your entire IT environment. With role-based access policies and streamlined authorization processes you can reduce risk and maintain complete control over your organization's valuable resources and sensitive data.

Simplify roles and authorizations


License and Asset Management

SIVIS Enterprise Security simplifies and automates License and Asset Management, empowering you to proactively monitor and manage licenses, track inventory of your assets and ensure compliance with industry standards. 

How to automate and simplify License and Asset Management


Fast to implement and use

SIVIS Enterprise Security is a fast and easy-to-use security solution that incorporates innovation and automation to enhance and simplify your processes. With an implementation process of unmatched speed, you can quickly integrate SIVIS Enterprise Security into your organization and start seeing results. Whether you're looking to improve Identity Management, strengthen compliance, reduce risk or enhance your security posture, SIVIS offers a streamlined and effective platform that delivers results fast.


SIVIS Enterprise Security provides a platform with limitless integration options, which can meet your specific needs. Built on the powerful combination of both Microsoft and SAP technology, SIVIS Enterprise Security will integrate seamlessly into your existing IT environment. No matter if you're looking for out-of-the-box functionality or advanced customization, SIVIS offers a flexible and powerful platform that can be tailored to your requirements.


SIVIS Enterprise Security is built on a standardized platform, allowing you to leverage your Microsoft and SAP technology, while maximizing the value of your existing investments. With SIVIS, you get a solution that is backed by our team of experts who provide proactive support and tailored recommendations. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive solution or targeted functionality, SIVIS Enterprise Security is an open, flexible and powerful platform that puts you in control.

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SIVIS offers cutting-edge and intelligent solutions that utilize the latest technology to meet your business needs. Our focus is on innovation and research to continually improve our product.


Our product is designed with simplicity in mind. We conduct thorough usability tests to ensure ease of use and reduce the burden on your business.


Our solution provides audit compliance and security for your business. We prioritize the safety of your data and systems to give you peace of mind.


Explore our editions to find the one that's right for you. Contact our team to get started.

Discover our editions


Basic identity control

Our standard edition offers you a wide range of functions:

Microsoft platform  
Admin interface
Basic Identity Management
Connector (AD/AAD, SAP, Mail)


SAP environment  
Admin interface
Basic Identity Management
Connector (AD/AAD, SAP, Mail)

Role and authorization management

Our advanced edition offers you all the functions of the standard edition and many more:

Microsoft platform  
O365 control


SAP environment  
Role administration
Role templates
Role tracing/ analysis

Compliance and Governance

Our professional edition offers you all the functions of the advanced edition and many more:

Microsoft platform  
Forced governance
Management board
License Management


SAP environment  
Online/Offline audit and conflict analysis
Compliance query templates
Privileged access management
Password reset self service
Role reducing

Business integration and automation processes

Our ultimate edition offers you all the features of the standard edition and many more:

Microsoft platform  
Asset Management
Compliance (GDPR/SOX/SOD)
Self service


SAP environment  
Conflict analysis
Alerting and monitoring
Onboarding/ offboarding processes
Mitigation Management
BI Connector
HCM Connector
Automated documentation
Automated recertification
Authorization Robot