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Check your safety concept

Is your security concept sound? Is your sensitive SAP data really reliably protected against unwanted access? A compliance check reveals weaknesses in your SAP authorization concept, prevents expensive problems and optimally prepares you for an audit.

What is a Compliance check?

A compliance check examines whether there are critical security gaps in your authorization concept.

In particular, this includes whether certain authorizations and authorization combinations contradict established audit rules and thus involve the risk that individual persons could cause major financial damage by having too much authority.

This risk assessment also examines whether the existing security measures are suitable for preventing improper access to data in your systems.

Why is a compliance check important?

A well thought-out assignment (and restriction) of authorizations is an essential component for data security on the one hand and the control of decisions on the other within a company. Under the umbrella term of Segregation of Duties (SoD), this ensures that no user alone can cause major damage to the company through their decisions - whether by accident or malice.

The separation of functions therefore serves the purpose of avoiding conflicts of interest and accumulations of authorizations. Sensitive, critical authorizations should only be granted if absolutely necessary.

A compliance check is used to examine the security concept and compare it with the existing, real assignment of authorizations. A regular check can prevent additive authorization assignment from creating combinations of authorizations that could be dangerous for the company. At the same time, you also comply with legal duties of care and regulations.

The systematic execution of compliance checks also means that you are optimally prepared for an audit by auditors. A good tool documents any problems found as well as the steps taken to resolve them. It provides all the necessary information for the auditors, thus supporting you in the tasks and obligations arising for the audit and saving you a lot of time and work.

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With hundreds of proven audit queries from our many years of experience, our test quickly determines whether there are conflicts in your authorization concept. Recommendations for their elimination are also provided.

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Ensure security with the SIVIS Compliance Quick Check

The Compliance Quick Check from SIVIS gives you a clear overview of any security gaps in your SAP environment in the shortest possible time.

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