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Software Asset Management


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Do you know which software your company is currently using? From which provider? Are you sure that you are not paying more for your licenses than absolutely necessary? Or are your licenses actually not sufficient for what your company is using?

Software Asset Management gives you a clear and permanent overview of the software resources used in your company - and thus gets costs, risks and, above all, licenses under control.

What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?

Software Asset Management looks at the entire lifecycle of a company's software resources: It includes the decision-making processes associated with the acquisition, use or elimination of these resources and licenses, as well as costs, budgeting, documentation, deployment processes and much more. The software used here concerns both locally deployed applications and software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud.

An important part of Software Asset Management is software license management, which is particularly concerned with the selection, distribution and auditing of software licenses.

There are a number of ISO standards for the management of IT assets (including software assets), which are described in the ISO/IEC 19770 family of standards.


Why do you need Software Asset Management?

Software assets tie up enormous assets in many companies today - and are essential to the workings of the business. However, technologies such as cloud computing and software as a service have brought new, often dynamic licensing models and challenges.

For this reason, any software use for your company is associated with sometimes significant risks - both economic and legal. In order to be able to contain these, it is essential to have a constantly updated overview of the software used in the company as well as the associated licenses, processes and expenses.

Why Software Asset Management is also of utmost importance for your company:

  • Overview: Always have an overview of which software is used by which software providers in your company, for which purposes and by whom.

  • Clear processes: Well-organized SAM ensures defined processes for the introduction or phasing out of software and transparent documentation.

  • Risk Management: The use of software not only brings with it the risk of technical security vulnerabilities, but also the discontinuation of software (due to license expiration, insolvency of the provider etc.) can bring major problems that need to be analyzed and, if necessary, appropriate precautions taken.

  • License Management: Ensure that you neither pay for too many or too large licenses nor incur penalties through underlicensing and possible contract violations (software license compliance).

  • Compliance: Software Asset Management is an essential part of documenting your processes and procedures and making them fit for internal and external audits.

Keep your assets and licenses under control!

With SIVIS Enterprise Security you can manage your software assets, control and organize their administration. At the same time, the solution also gives you full control over your SAP and Microsoft license costs, allowing you to optimize your license usage.

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Core processes of Software Asset Management

Our SIVIS Enterprise Security provides you with all the central features, tools and core processes you need for software asset management and beyond. This allows you to gain an overview, establish controlled processes, keep an eye on your budget and reliably establish compliance.

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