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Identity Management for Microsoft

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How to manage identities and rights centrally, reliably and compliantly

Identity & Access management (IAM) plays a major role in today's corporate IT systems.


Why do you need Microsoft Identity Management?

If you use Microsoft systems, you can use various means to regulate which users can access which software and which data under which conditions. User authentication is only the first step. This is how you ensure, in terms of compliance, that only authorized access takes place and that your data and programs cannot be misused (not even accidentally).

It is precisely to ensure this that Identity & Access management is such an important component of modern IT systems.



Microsoft provides a few identity management solutions - Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are the most commonly used variants. Using these systems can be costly and complex - not a task for everyone.

These systems reach their limits at the latest when the Microsoft software should interact with other systems and users should be able to use them across system boundaries. Ideally, this transfer should be possible without disruptions or frictional losses; however, this requires a solution that can manage identities and access rights for Microsoft and other platforms (such as SAP) at the same time.

The integration of such different systems with a very personal solution is then again a major challenge, expensive and technically very demanding.


Why Identity Management is so important

Identity & Access Management is central to preventing unauthorized access to programs, resources and data in your IT systems. A number of challenges make centralized, proven technologies important:


No more traditional boundaries:

Manual user management:

No overview:

Proven solutions are the trump card

To ensure that your employees can use their identities on all your IT systems without any problems, we recommend an IAM solution that works for systems from major vendors such as Microsoft or SAP as well as being able to integrate programs from other software houses, while at the same time providing proven security structures.

A good Identity & Access Management solution offers, for example:

  • Identity Management and Rights Management from a single source

  • Authentication of users across platforms and applications

  • Documentation of existing rights and license assignments

  • Compliance check according to established audit guidelines

  • Role-based automation of rights assignment

  • Clear processes for onboarding and offboarding as well as integration of freelance and external employees

  • Logging of access, especially for critical resources and processes

The benefits are clear: Automated processes relieve the burden on your IT department and allow it to take care of more important problems and tasks. They also ensure that your employees have faster and more reliable access to all the resources they need for their work.

And with centralized digital management of all measures, you can also face all audits with peace of mind: Potential compliance conflicts can be identified early on, issues can be documented and critical processes can be monitored.

Gain full control with SIVIS Enterprise Security.

SIVIS Enterprise Security offers you a unified and automated data platform for Identity and Access Management, with over 4,000 connectors for use in virtually any system.

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