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S/4HANA Quick Check

Make your authorization concept compatible for S/4HANA

With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA as the successor to the previous R/3 suite, the existing data model is thus fundamentally changed. This also affects roles and transactions, which must be taken into account during a migration. The SIVIS S/4HANA Quick Check reveals which transactions in your roles will be eliminated, forwarded or replaced by SAP Fiori apps. Afterwards, our experts will support you in migrating your roles.

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Migration of SAP authorizations to SAP S/4HANA

More and more companies are gradually migrating to SAP S/4HANA. Often, the migration of SAP authorizations is neglected. In most cases, the transfer of an old authorization concept is impossible from a purely technical point of view. We advise and support you in the migration of your SAP authorization concept to S/4HANA. Our S/4HANA Quick Check analyzes your authorization concept for S/4HANA compatibility and provides you with important insights into the effort involved as well as concrete recommendations for action.

Changes to SAP authorizations in S/4HANA

Direct transfer of an old authorization concept from SAP-R3, ERP and ECC to SAP S/4HANA is usually not possible. With S/4HANA, the entire SAP system changes - also with the aim of reducing the complexity of the landscape. However, this also means that modules are eliminated, processes change, new processes are created and others become redundant. Many transactions also no longer exist in S/4HANA. For this reason, it is usually not possible from a purely technical point of view to adopt the previous SAP authorization concept unchanged.

Advantages of the SIVIS S/4HANA Quick Check

  • Identification of the effort required for the conversion to S/4HANA

  • Quick check of the currently used roles

  • Simple overview of the affected roles

  • Lower costs compared to manual control

  • Recommendations for further steps

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How does the SIVIS S/4HANA Quick Check work?

With the S/4HANA Quick Check, we tell you which changes are necessary in your authorization concept to make it compatible for S/4HANA. We also provide you with an effort estimate as well as concrete recommendations for action with applicable measures for the optimal migration of your authorization concept to S/4HANA.


Our specialists have excellent knowledge of the structure and functionalities of SAP systems. They also have comprehensive knowledge of the interaction of the various SAP components within the business processes.

This is the only way they can professionally assess the results of the audit in the relevant legal and corporate context.

In addition, our auditors have extensive practical experience. We regularly apply our broad, theoretical knowledge in a wide variety of companies.

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What happens after the SIVIS S/4HANA Quick Check?

When adapting an authorization concept and assigning the new roles and authorizations, legal, quasi-legal and company-specific requirements must be observed.

Revision of the old authorization concept

Our experience shows that some companies only need to make minimal changes to their authorization concept to prepare it for the switch to S/4HANA. The report from the S/4HANA Quick Check shows you which changes these are. We would be happy to revise your authorization concept with you.

Creation of a new authorization concept

Sometimes it is necessary or makes more sense to build a completely new SAP authorization concept that is S/4HANA compatible. The SIVIS Suite offers the right tools for this. We would be happy to implement this for you.

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