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Authorization Robot Quick Check

The SIVIS Authorization Robot Quick Check shows necessary adjustments and provides recommendations for action

Clean up user chaos and provide yourself with transparency and clarity. The Authorization Robot checks on the basis of your trace data and gives you mathematically optimized role suggestions for your SAP system. We check your outdated authorization concept and show you your future-proof authorization concept. 

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The problems of your current SAP system

A chaos of roles and users has developed in your SAP system and it continues to grow. Authorizations keep growing, mother roles and reference users are copied wildly.  New departments or branches are added monthly, and employee authorization requests are exclusively extended. This can enable the misuse of your SAP system.

Get an overview of your authorization concept 

Protect your company from unwanted access to your sensitive SAP data. The Authorization Robot Quick Check detects unused roles and shows you a suitable authorization concept. SIVIS as a security expert developed the innovative tool, as well as methods to reduce dangers and risks to a minimum. The Authorization Robot is the first product of its kind on the market.

Advantages of the SIVIS Authorization Robot Quick Check

  • Transparent, clear authorization concept

  • Shortened project times

  • High quality standards are easy to maintain

  • Advice for further measures and steps

  • Minimal installation effort

  • Evaluation in the SIVIS laboratory

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How does the SIVIS Authorization Robot Quick Check work?

In order to propose authorization concepts tailored to the authorization needs of your users, we collect trace data on your user and authorization concepts for up to four months. Based on your trace data, we can mathematically calculate optimized roles for your SAP system. You will then receive a presentation with an optimal authorization concept to rid your SAP system of unnecessary authorization assignments and protect your system from misuse in the future.


Our specialists have excellent knowledge of the structure and functionalities of SAP systems. They also have comprehensive knowledge of the interaction of the various SAP components within the business processes.

This is the only way they can professionally assess the results of the audit in the relevant legal and corporate context.

In addition, our auditors have extensive practical experience. We regularly apply our broad, theoretical knowledge in a wide variety of companies.

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What happens after the SIVIS Authorization Robot Quick Check?

Revision of the old authorization concept

Our experience shows that some companies only need to make minimal changes to their authorization concept. If there is a high potential for optimization, your authorization concept can be revised with the help of the Authorization Robot.

Creation of a new authorization concept

Sometimes it is necessary or makes more sense to build up a completely new SAP role concept. The SIVIS Suite offers the right tools for this. We would be happy to implement this for you.

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