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Authorization Robot 

The authorization concept of the future

Automatically create SAP roles and authorizations

IT security and data protection are becoming constant companions in all company processes. The maintenance and revision of authorizations are often very complex processes and require in-depth expert knowledge. External consultants are usually brought in at this point for sometimes very lengthy and intensive projects.  

Use the first virtual role consultant for these processes. The SIVIS Authorization Robot can automate a large part of these projects by taking over the creation and optimization of your role and authorization concepts.

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The conventional creation of an authorization concept  

When creating an authorization concept, many different factors must be taken into account. An extensive analysis of the company structure and processes plays a major role. Based on this analysis, an authorization concept can be created. This not only involves a great deal of manual effort, but is also one of the most common sources of error in creating an optimal authorization concept for your company.

The automated creation of an authorization concept

The SIVIS Authorization Robot is a unique solution on the market. Benefit from Automated Role Mining, because the SIVIS Authorization Robot takes over the manual work involved in creating your authorization concept. It analyzes the structure and processes of your company based on your trace data. Select the appropriate parameters and your optimal authorization concept is created.


How does the SIVIS Authorization Robot work?

In order to propose an authorization concept tailored to the authorization needs of your users, we collect up to four months of trace data on your user and authorization assignments. Based on your trace data, Authorization Robot can calculate optimized roles for your SAP system.

The mathematically optimized model allows an authorization administrator to make customer-specific adjustments to the Authorization Robot's proposed solutions that are not covered by the general quality criteria.

Insights into the system


Advantages of the Authorization Robot 

  • Significantly reduced project times

  • Reduced consultant hours

  • Minimization of manual effort

  • Fewer departmental reconciliations

  • Cleanup of role concepts

  • High quality standards are easy to maintain

  • Simplifies the restructuring of authorizations

  • Role concept individually adapted to the company 

  • Avoidance of unnecessary over-authorizations and compliance conflicts

  • Coverage of all authorization needs

  • Simple usability and modern UI

Project runtimes are significantly shortened and increased flexibility and influence are made possible.
Boris Grothues
With the SIVIS Authorization Robot, a 'next-level technology' is moving into SAP authorization and role building.
Philipp Latini
The Authorization Robot makes it possible to maintain the highest security standards in a rapidly changing business world.
Nicolas Justen
Software Developer
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Insights into the system

Calculation dashboard

The development of various key figures of the generated role concepts over time is shown here. This makes it possible to control the direction of the optimization during the calculation in order to be able to readjust at an early stage if necessary.


Run analysis dashboard

Various calculated concepts are compared on the dashboard. Based on various KPIs, a quick selection of the right concept for your company can be made here.


Matrix view

The view as a matrix visualizes complex relationships between users, composite roles, single roles and authorizations of a concrete role concept.


Role view

The detailed views of the calculated rolles allow a compact and detailed overview of their contents.



Another suitable form of visualization is the treemap. Contents and tasks of even extensive roles are quickly visible here.


The SIVIS Authorization Robot


The Authorization Robot software solution is based on automated role mining. The Authorization Robot automates your usually manually performed processes, saving you costs and effort.


The Authorization Robot gives you concrete suggestions for solutions. View the complex content and information in a structured and compact way.


Compliance regulations are automatically incorporated into the formation of your new role concept. A more secure role concept is guaranteed as less restrictive roles are assigned.


Shorten your project times

Shorter meetings

Minimize coordination between departments. The Authorization Robot analyzes the structure and processes of your company. Get an overview of what authorization departments need without a multitude of meetings that hold up processes.

Fewer consultant hours

The complexity of an authorization concept usually required the help of external consultants to support you in the processes. The Authorization Robot provides concrete evaluations of your company. We focus on concrete proposals for action. As a result, the required consultant hours decrease.



We put your system to the test

With the SIVIS Quick Checks, we prepare you for a stress-free workday. The SIVIS Authorization Robot Quick Check shows you a future-proof authorization concept. Gain transparency and clarity.

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From vision to the product

What started as a research project in 2017 is now a unique product. In collaboration with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA), we developed the first virtual ERP roll builder.


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