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SAP authorization concept for S/4HANA

Prepare your authorization concept for S/4HANA

What happens with the authorization concept after S/4HANA migration? The S/4HANA migration also affects companies’ SAP authorization concepts. These must be adapted or even newly created. Concerns about data loss and operational failures are shared by those responsible. We start exactly where things get complicated and uncertain. We support you so that your SAP authorization concept fits with S/4HANA.

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What does S/4HANA mean for your authorization concept?

The upgrade to SAP S/4HANA is a new product, not an extension of the original ERP software. In SAP S/4HANA, transactions are partially deleted or replaced by new transactions and SAP Fiori apps. SAP has made this available in a “Simplification List” comprising over 1000 pages for each application or functional area. The conversion to the new transactions also requires significant changes in your roles and the associated authorization objects.

This means that the existing authorization concept must be optimized or proportionally redesigned. The changes resulting from the introduction of S/4HANA not only require a great deal of time but can also lead to significant gaps in your authorizations, which are difficult to close without professional support.

Is your SAP authorization concept compatible with S/4HANA?

Do the S/4HANA Quick Check

With the SIVIS S/4HANA Quick Check, we determine which changes to your roles are necessary to prepare your SAP authorization concept for S/4HANA. You will receive a complete report on changes that are necessary to make your SAP authorization concept compatible with S/4HANA. We also provide you with concrete recommendations for action. There are two options – adapting the authorization concept or completely redesigning it. We analyze your existing SAP authorization concept and then recommend one of the two approaches.

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We prepare your SAP authorization concept for S/4HANA

Rebuilding the SAP authorization concept for S/4HANA migration (The Greenfield approach)

One possibility is to completely rebuild the SAP authorization concept. This is done using the functional specifications of the SIVIS Role Reference Manager. For this purpose, the roles to be assigned are adapted to your specifications step by step from other projects. This means that the new SAP authorization concept is based on your role-related job profiles.

Preparation of the SAP authorization concept for S/4HANA migration (The Brownfield Approach)

Adapt your existing authorization concept. For this purpose, the roles are examined and the necessary adjustments to the role design are shown in order to create the S/4HANA destination roles. An analysis based on the SAP “Simplification List” is performed. Thus, a quick adjustment of your SAP roles is possible.


S/4HANA revision of your SAP authorization concept

Our experience has shown that there is no template that fits for every company. Every company has different requirements and therefore different challenges. These must be understood and analyzed. A suitable procedure is then derived from this. With our process we make sure that nothing is overlooked and guarantee a smooth process.

  • Analyzing your authorization concept

  • Report about necessary changes

  • Concrete recommendations for action

  • Development of a compatible authorization concept/ adaptation of the existing authorization concept

  • Productive test simulation of the new roles on the S/4HANA system

  • Check the new roles for critical authorizations and SOD conflicts 

Our approach to the S/4HANA migration of your SAP authorization concept

SIVIS supports both approaches and, with the SIVIS S/4HANA migration service, helps to screen authorizations for weaknesses, risks and violations. Subsequently, necessary changes are implemented based on the analysis and the new roles are optimized using the productive test simulation. These are adjusted by continuous result monitoring of the test scenarios. By using the SIVIS Suite, the effort of the migration project is better delimited and the changeover is easier to manage, so that planning security is on your side and your authorization concept also permanently meets the requirements.

The advantages of SIVIS products

  • Avoid excessive roles and non-transparent assignments that cause great risks for the user

  • SAP authorization concepts without media break with the SIVIS manager automations for reporting authorization requests

  • The appearance and procedures with the SIVIS managers are the same on SAP ERP or S/4HANA

  • Each user in a new authorization concept in S/4HANA without productive downtime receives exactly the authorizations he needs


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Our specialists have excellent knowledge of the structure and functionalities of SAP systems. They also have comprehensive knowledge of the interaction of the various SAP components within the business processes.

This is the only way they can professionally assess the results of the audit in the relevant legal and corporate context.

In addition, our auditors have extensive practical experience. We regularly apply our broad, theoretical knowledge in a wide variety of companies.

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