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We administer your SAP authorizations

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SIVIS Application Management Services (AMS) for SAP authorizations

With SIVIS Application Management Services (AMS), you spend less time managing your SAP authorizations. Relieve your IT staff as well as your SAP teams in a focused and flexible way. The experienced and professional SIVIS AMS team takes the work off your employees so that they can devote themselves to productive projects.

What does SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) mean for authorizations and users?

AMS stands for Application Management Services which are services related to the application management of a software. We at SIVIS have specialized in the area of SAP authorizations. This means that we offer services around your SAP authorizations – we maintain and manage your SAP authorizations and SAP users.

The services are provided by highly qualified consultants who can offer real added value for your company due to their SAP expertise and industry knowledge.

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Benefits of Application Management Services for SAP authorizations

Why is SAP AMS interesting for companies?

 Transparency and predictability of IT costs
 Less work for the IT staff
 No downtime or delay of productive projects due to resource shortage
 Savings, since the costly 24/7 business no longer has to be ensured in-house
No need to ensure on-call service
Reduced training costs
 Use of external know-how for own IT
 Internal resources are often not sufficient to guarantee the SLAs of the departments

Rely on our SAP expertise as your partner for SAP authorizations

We contribute more than 20 years of experience to the collaboration. This means that our AMS team not only has the right skills, but also many years of practical experience in SAP systems and SAP applications. We offer you a flexible structure and a wide range of expertise, helping you to overcome challenges, improve the performance of your SAP applications and achieve better business results.

The SIVIS AM Services for SAP user administration and SAP authorizations

Our specialists support your IT staff and SAP teams in the business departments with user maintenance and authorization management. This support can be permanent so that your employees can concentrate on the productive projects. However, collaboration can also be flexible and temporary to bridge employee shortages. The services listed here are only a small part of our portfolio. We would be pleased to send you the complete SIVIS AM Services catalog for users and their authorizations.

Services authorization management

Adding/removing transactions from a role
 Adding/removing objects from a role
 Changing the objects
 Maintenance of the composite rolls
 Maintenance of single roles
Maintenance of structural authorizations
Maintenance of organizational management
 Maintenance of the SU24 default values, as well as support for the SU24 update

Services user maintenance

 Create user master records in SAP
 Change user master data
 Delete user master data
 Reset user password to initial password
Lock or unlock users
Maintenance of user groups

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