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SIVIS Enterprise Security is the ultimate solution for fast and effective IAM. Explore our editions and find the option that meets your organization's needs. 

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By implementing SIVIS Enterprise Security, you can effectively save your employees' time, significantly decrease license expenses, and minimize the potential risks associated with security breaches. Calculate your potential savings.


Less time for onboarding and offboarding


Decrease the time spent on user administration expenses


Lower risk of security breaches

Calculate your savings



Annual savings on onboarding and offboarding i The calculator assumes a staff turnover rate of 15% and that the digital onboarding and offboarding processes take one week to complete, respectively. SIVIS Enterprise Security reduces the time that should be dedicated to access-related onboarding and offboarding tasks by 75%.


Annual savings on user administration i On average, an employee requires 10 edits to their user and access profile throughout a year. Each edit takes around 15 minutes to complete manually. SIVIS Enterprise Security reduces this time-consuming task by 75% by automating all access-related processes.


Annual savings on auditing and reporting i According to a Gartner survey, midsize businesses typically employ 14 employees per 1,000 employees to handle auditing and reporting tasks. These tasks, in general, consume 20% of the IT department’s time every year.


Annual savings on license costs i Software licenses, like Microsoft 365 for business, can come with a significant price tag, typically around 18.55 Euros. Regrettably, numerous companies often find themselves burdened with an excess of licenses, resulting in wasted funds on unused or unnecessary ones. On average, companies tend to over-license by approximately 38%. SIVIS Enterprise Security optimizes software license allocation, saving companies money by addressing unused licenses.


Annual savings from decreased risk of a security breach i According to IBM, 83% of organizations have experienced at least one data breach, which costs an average of EUR 3.98 million. The more employees, the higher the likelihood of a security breach. An Identity & Access Management platform like SIVIS Enterprise Security reduces the risk of a breach by up to 50%.


Total Annual Savings


Please note that all the calculations provided above are based on estimations derived from studies and experiences within the industry. These figures are intended to give you a sense of the potential savings that can be achieved by implementing SIVIS Enterprise Security in your company. Actual results may vary depending on various factors, such as complexity of its software infrastructure and specific requirements of your organization. We warmly encourage you to reach out to our dedicated team for further information and to discover more about our product.

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