Keep the overview of your SAP users!

With the SIVIS User Management package, you only need to create your users in one central location, where you can easily manage or maintain all authorizations and system accounts. Potential audit conflicts are shown to you in advance and possible solutions are offered. A comprehensive database of the most important audits (e.g. DSAG Audit Guide) is already included, and can be extended to include company-specific audits as required. Even more convenient, you can manage your SAP users using the web-based user interface.

The included modules

Compliance Reference Manager Icon

Compliance Reference Manager

Over 1000 prefabricated roles which are customizable to fit your requirements.
Compliance Manager Icon

Compliance Manager

Weaknesses, risks and law violations get analysed and are permanent displayed offline or in the running system.
Identity Manager Icon

Identity Manager

Comfortable creation, administration and maintenance of the user profiles from a central point.
Web Manager Icon

Web Manager

A clear surface allows typical actions all around the administration of SAP access data.