Are you sure that you are safe?

Play it safe and check your authorization concept for potential risks or violations of law-like audits / inspections. The evaluation of log entries of common SAP protocols is also important. With the Compliance Check, you also benefit from cross-system monitoring of recurring decisions such as the recertification of your users or compensatory controls.

The included modules

Compliance Reference Manager Icon

Compliance Reference Manager

Over 1000 prefabricated roles which are customizable to fit your requirements.
Compliance Manager Icon

Compliance Manager

Weaknesses, risks and law violations get analysed and are permanent displayed offline or in the running system.
Alert Manager Icon

Alert Manager

Evaluate all common SAP protocols and rate the protocol entries with the risk assessment rules.
Recertification Manager Icon

Recertification Manager

Recurring decisions get monitored and analysed in a system overlapping cockpit.