What does S/4 HANA mean for the authorization concept?

The upgrade to SAP S/4HANA is a new product, not an extension of the original ERP software. In SAP S/4HANA transactions are partially deleted or replaced by new transactions and SAP Fiori apps. SAP has provided this in its “Simplification List”, which comprises over 1000 pages, for each application or functional area. The transition to the new transactions also requires significant changes in your roles and the corresponding authorization objects. This means that the existing authorization concept must be optimized or partially redesigned. The changes caused by the introduction of S4/HANA not only mean a high expenditure of time, but can also lead to considerable gaps in your authorizations, which you cannot easily fix without professional support.

Greenfield vs. Brownfield

When implementing SAP S/4HANA, two scenarios have to be considered.




Greenfield approach

The implementation of a new SAP authorization concept according to the Greenfield approach is based on the functional specifications of the Role Reference Manager. The roles to be assigned are adapted step by step to your specifications on the basis of our extensive experience from other projects. Thus, the new SAP authorization concept is based on your job-related job profiles.




Brownfield approach

The Brownfield approach is first of all to examine the existing roles and to present the necessary adjustments to the roll design in order to create the S/4 HANA target roles. For this purpose, an analysis based on SAP’s “Simplification List” is performed. Thus, a quick adjustment of your SAP roles is possible.



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