SIVIS Password Manager

Change or reset SAP passwords

Have you forgotten your SAP password? Or you want to change it for security reasons? These are projects that require a lot of manual effort. With the SIVIS Password Manager, changing and resetting passwords is easily possible via a web application. Here you can learn everything about this smart tool.

SAP Password Self-Service

The SIVIS Password Manager - Change and reset SAP passwords easily

The SIVIS Password Manager is a web application with which a password reset can be carried out securely, easily and quickly or a new password can be assigned. The authentication of the user can be done in different ways, e.g. by an HR master data comparison. The generated password is sent by email.

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Minimize the manual workload

Reduce manual effort when resetting the password

If you still reset SAP passwords manually, you know that this is a tedious process. Tools that make it easier to reset passwords are normally used today. So why not also in SAP? The best password reset tools completely remove IT/Helpdesk from the password reset process by allowing users to perform automatic password resets.

Automatic password reset tools such as the SIVIS Password Manager can still require multi-factor authentication and enforce strict password requirements. However, they eliminate the delays that frustrate users and prevent many of the vulnerabilities that are inherent in a manual process.

The SIVIS Password Manager


Saves working hours and money. The manual effort of the helpdesk/IT is completely eliminated.


Intuitive and easy to use user interface. Your SAP users can reset their SAP passwords completely independently.


Different authentication procedures. Allows you to create the minimum password requirements.

Three steps to the new SAP password

How do I reset an SAP password with the SIVIS Password Manager?

Step 1: open the SIVIS Password Manager

The SAP password was forgotten or should be reset for security reasons. The first step is to open the SIVIS Password Manager. The web application has a simple structure and is intuitive to use.

Step 2: authentication

When the website is opened, the password can be reset or changed. How the authentication takes place can be decided depending on the company. For example, a comparison with the HR master data is useful.

Step 3: generate SAP-Password

In the third step the new password is generated. This can be set by the user himself or sent to him by email.

Self-service for password reset

Change and reset SAP passwords in self-service

Many companies using SAP waste money and working hours by manually resetting passwords. With the SIVIS Password Manager, your employees can reset or change their passwords in self-service. This relieves your helpdesk and saves money.

Password reset in SAP

Eliminate the inefficiency of manual password reset in SAP

Time spent resetting a password is time that your IT staff could use more efficiently. But also on the side of the employee who wants to reset his SAP password, a manual reset disrupts the workflow. As long as the employee is waiting for the IT, the user is locked and access to the SAP system is denied.

UX of the web application

High usability of the web application

The SIVIS Password Manager web application is characterized by a particularly high level of user-friendliness. It is so intuitive and self-explanatory that no training is necessary. Our usability experts do their best to make our applications as simple as possible. Each of your employees should be able to simply reset the SAP password.

Password reset in SAP

Advantages of the SIVIS Password Manager at a glance

Authentication for SAP password reset

Authentication procedure

The user chooses whether he wants to reset his passwords for one or more systems via the SIVIS Password Manager. And you decide which authentication options the user has with this simple web application.

Test the SIVIS Password Manager free of charge & without any obligation

Download free demo version

You can download a free demo version of the SIVIS Password Manager. It is a simple SAP transport. You only have to import it into your SAP system and that’s it!

More web access: SIVIS Web Manager

Your SAP users will enjoy working with the user-friendly SIVIS Web Manager without any major training effort. The clearly designed interface allows typical self-services for SAP users, such as requesting new authorizations or changing their master data. SIVIS WEB Manager creates transparency and considerably reduces the number of tickets in your helpdesk.

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