SAP Role Reducing Quick Check by SIVIS

SIVIS Role Reducing Quick Check

The problems of your SAP system

Your current SAP system

A chaos of roles and users has developed in your SAP system, and it’s getting worse. Parent roles and reference users are copied wildly, new departments or locations are added on a monthly basis, and employee authorization requests are constantly extended – this enables misuse of your SAP system

Clean up unused SAP authorizations

SIVIS Role Reducing Quick Check

Protect your organization from unwanted access to your sensitive SAP data. The Role Reducing Quick Check detects unused roles and authorizations and shows
you concrete recommendations for action. As a security expert, SIVIS has been observing this development for over 20 years and has created tools and methods to reduce hazards and risks to a minimum.

The SIVIS Role Reducing Quick Check

Advantages of the SIVIS Role Reducing Quick Check

How does the SIVIS Role Reducing Quick Check work?

SIVIS Role Reducing Quick Check shows necessary adjustments and provides recommendations for action

We import a small ABAP transport into your system to have the possibility to collect traces (via ST01) over a longer period of time. After about four months, a good trace base has been formed on which we can perform a comprehensive and reliable calculation. The traces and the authorization concept are now exported and sent to SIVIS for which we provide programs.

Analyzing your existing authorization concept

At SIVIS, the data is imported into one of our systems and calculated. Under consideration of the complete authorization concept and all collected traces, an algorithm is calculated that shows which assignments can be removed to avoid users with missing authorizations.

The outcome of the analysis

Our calculations reveal removable user-role, role-role, and role-authorization assignments. In a presentation, we will show you samples of the results, as well as the entire optimization potential that has become visible through the Role Reducing Quick Check.

Our goal: No uncontrolled growth!

In order to give you a comprehensive overview of unused SAP roles, we check your SAP authorization concept thoroughly in the SIVIS lab. You will then receive from us all recommendations for action to rid your SAP system of unnecessary roles and to protect your system from misuse in the future.

Implementation of the recommendations for action

What happens after the SIVIS Role Reducing Quick Check?

Revision of the old authorization concept

Our experience shows that some companies only need to make minimal changes to their authorization concept. If there is a high optimization potential, your authorization concept can be revised with the help of the Reduction Manager.

Creation of a new authorization concept

Sometimes it is necessary or makes more sense to build a completely new SAP authorization concept. The SIVIS Suite offers the right tools for this. We are happy to implement this for you.

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