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SIVIS AD Connector

The SIVIS AD Connector establishes a connection between the SIVIS Identity Manager and Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Thus, users and user data can be managed centrally. With the SIVIS AD Connector, the data from the SIVIS Identity Manager is automatically synchronized in the Active Directory. The double maintenance of master data is eliminated and costs are reduced.

SIVIS AD Connector

Functions of the SIVIS AD Connector

User lifecycle management becomes much easier with the SIVIS AD Connector. Users and user data can be created, deleted or changed centrally by the responsible persons. Thanks to the SIVIS Identity Manager, the updates in Microsoft Active Directory and in the SAP system take place simultaneously.

Create new users centrally in the SAP system and in Microsoft Active Directory

With the SIVIS AD Connector, new employees have to be created only once. The new user data is created simultaneously in both the SAP system and the Microsoft Active Directory via the SIVIS Identity Manager in conjunction with the SIVIS AD Connector.

Central processing of user data

In the SIVIS Identity Manager, user data for Microsoft Active Directory can be managed centrally. When user data is edited in SIVIS Identity Manager, either by manual or automatic update, it is automatically updated in the SAP ERP user data base. With the SIVIS AD Connector, the data is also automatically transferred to Active Directory. This eliminates the tedious, duplicate maintenance of master data.

Central blocking or deletion of user data

If an employee leaves the company, his SAP user is locked. This can be carried out via the SIVIS Identity Manager. User data in Microsoft Active Directory are also automatically blocked or deleted with the SIVIS AD Connector.

SIVIS AD Connector

Technical details of the SIVIS AD Connector

An LDAP server is entered as a destination system in the SIVIS Identity Manager so that all users and AD groups and their assignments can be managed centrally. AD attributes (including group assignments) can be read and changed in AD

The following possibilities arise:

SIVIS AD Connector

Advantages of the SIVIS AD Connector

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