Simple connection of special systems with

the SIVIS Cloud Connector

Using the SIVIS Cloud Connector, you can connect any system which is accessible via web service. In this way, you obtain an overview of the users and authorizations of all third-party systems and can manage them in a central location.

The SIVIS Cloud Quick Check provides you planning reliability as to what expenditure can be expected with the implementation of the SIVIS Cloud Connector. The SIVIS Cloud Quick Check also reduces the subsequent implementation effort of the SIVIS Cloud Connector.


CLOUD QUICK CHECK until December 31, 2020 for a special price of 1500 € // 2500 CHF



With the Cloud Quick Check, you can get a clear assessment of the effort required to implement the Cloud Connector. The documentation is prepared in a management-friendly manner and provides you with precise time and cost estimates.

In addition, the results of the Cloud Quick Check can reduce the implementation effort of the Cloud Connector, since all relevant parameters are already known and documented.

  • Registration of the systems to be connected
  • Determination of the relevant connection methods
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Management friendly prepared documentation
  • Examination of the technical connection
  • Summary of the possible advantages

What does the SIVIS Cloud Connector offer?

Advantages of the SIVIS Cloud Connectors

With the SIVIS Cloud Connector any systems with web connection can be connected to the SIVIS Identity Manager via defined templates without further programming. Regardless of whether these third-party systems are hosted in the cloud or on-premises in the company's own data center. The Cloud Connector is suitable for both variants. Since all connections are displayed centrally, an overview is provided of which systems are connected to the SIVIS suite. The connected systems behave as if they were fully integrated, the user interfaces do not change.

  • Administration of users & role assignment of all third party system providers
  • Simple configuration through ready-made methods
  • Central monitoring of the connections
  • Central monitoring of the connections