SIVIS Recertification Manager

Manage recurring decisions

Monitor, analyze and manage decisions across systems

Central cockpit for reoccurring decisions

The SIVIS Recertification Manager is a central cockpit via which reoccurring decisions are monitored, analyzed and managed across systems. Validity of users, roles or assignments can be managed easily and centrally. It can be accessed via SAP GUI, web or mobile devices.

The SIVIS Recertification Manager


It facilitates the daily work.


It is intuitive and can be operated without training.


It prevents the forgetting of important new decisions.

SIVIS Recertification Manager

The SIVIS Recertification Manager in detail

Periodic follow-ups for the department to validate previously assigned authorizations for roles and jobs. All follow-ups are clearly displayed in a cockpit for editing. Freely definable escalation procedures ensure that decisions are processed. Keep a permanent eye on the validity of special users such as consultants or auditors.

Frequently asked questions about SIVIS Recertification Manager

It represents the interface to SAP Workflow.

No, it can also remind you of contracts and the like (possibly of the wedding day).

Further SIVIS analysis tools

Concept Manager

With the SIVIS Concept Manager you can quickly and easily create reports on your SIVIS projects. Once set up, reports can be generated with the push of a button - in real time, live and without media disruption.

Alert Manager

The SIVIS Alert Manager gives you the opportunity to monitor critical processes in the system promptly. This does not only refer to special users or logins, but captures all critical processes in the considered systems.

License Manager

The SIVIS License Manager gives you complete control over your SAP licenses. Optimize your license usage, avoid over- and under-licensing and save time and money with the annual SAP license measurement.

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