SIVIS License Manager

SAP License Management - Optimize your SAP license usage

The SIVIS License Manager gives you complete control over your SAP licenses. Optimize your license usage, avoid over- and under-licensing and save time and money with the annual SAP license measurement. The SIVIS License Manager is constantly being further developed and is one of the most innovative software in the field of SAP license management.

SIVIS analysis tools for your SAP system

SAP license management with the SIVIS License Manager - the advantages at a glance

Save SAP license costs

Save SAP license costs by optimizing licenses, avoiding over-licensing and fully utilizing your license capacity.

Guarantee software license compliance

The SIVIS License Manager collects all license information for checking software license compliance. This allows you to avoid over- and under-licensing and easily ensure compliance of the contract terms.

Increase efficiency

Reduce manual effort for license allocation and measurement and increase efficiency by automating SAP processes.

Manage SAP user licenses centrally

With the SIVIS License Manager, the user profiles no longer need to be edited in each individual system. Instead, information can be updated across all connected SAP systems.

SIVIS License Manager


Automatic optimization of SAP license types and effective utilization of your license capacity. Special license types can be added at any time


The SIVIS License Manager reduces the effort of the annual SAP license measurement significantly. The transaction database contains the right license type for each user.


With the SIVIS License Manager you ensure that you permanently comply with the terms of the contract. The SIVIS License Manager protects you from unnecessary relicensing and from pitfalls of indirect use or digital access.

The SIVIS License Manager

Functions of the SIVIS License Manager

Identification of inactive SAP users and deactivation of these accounts

The SIVIS License Manager removes the license stock of inactive users. To do this, the license management software identifies users who are no longer actively using SAP and deactivates the corresponding accounts. The freed-up license volume enables you to avoid unnecessary new purchases in the future and to use the unused licenses elsewhere or to deactivate them.

Consolidation of duplicated SAP user accounts

Duplicated user accounts are consolidated by the SIVIS License Manager. Each SAP user has then exactly one named-user license. This is valid across all SAP systems.

Optimize with SIVIS SAP licenses

Identify and avoid indirect use of SAP licenses and digital access

With the SIVIS License Manager you avoid indirect use and digital access. The tool determines which third-party systems and add-ons access your SAP data. For this purpose, the SIVIS License Manager automatically analyses all RFC connections and the data exchanged via them. It examines the interfaces regarding the actual use, determines and subsequently classifies the critical cases. This provides you with a continuously updated risk overview that serves as a basis for further analysis.

Fully automated and periodically repeatable analysis and optimization of SAP licenses

The SIVIS License Manager analyses the activities of the SAP users fully automatically at regular intervals. In doing so, it evaluates the activities in terms of licensing law and carries out optimizations. This automation increases the efficiency of your SAP licensing and reduces manual effort by up to 80%.

SAP license measurement - reduction of maintenance costs and maintenance effort

Thanks to precise knowledge of your actual license requirements, unnecessary costs for more expensive licenses can be avoided and thus, considerable maintenance fees can be saved. The licensing tool also significantly reduces personnel costs.

Optimize your SAP license management through license measurement

Tool-supported SAP license optimization

Avoid over-licensing and under-licensing through tool-supported SAP license optimization

With the SIVIS License Manager you ensure that your company only pays for the licenses that you really need. The SIVIS License Manager shows you how you can make optimum use of existing SAP licenses. Over-licensing with corresponding additional costs for licenses and maintenance are avoided. The same applies to under-licensing and the resulting additional payments.

Determining optimal SAP license types

The SIVIS License Manager determines the ideal SAP license types for you and adjusts them automatically. To do this, the tool checks the collected usage data of the individual SAP users against a dynamic transaction database, the so-called optimization engine. This dynamic transaction database contains all transactions executable in the SAP system that have been evaluated with a specific named-user license type. If the usage behavior does not correspond to the license, the SIVIS License Manager automatically adjusts the license type. The transaction database is constantly adapted, expanded and supplemented with new transactions, e.g. when SAP makes changes in its price and condition lists.

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SAP License Management

Individually adaptable SAP license management

The SIVIS License Manager makes it possible to consider all the details from the company-specific SAP contracts and thus, to map exactly the respective company conditions. Extensive customizing options are available to the customer for this purpose. Thus, for instance, prices and conditions, ratio rules (number of professional to limited professional user licenses), special licenses and transaction valuations can be set precisely for customer-specific transactions. This information builds the framework for the optimization of SAP licenses.


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Frequently asked questions about SIVIS License Manager

From a technical perspective, the SAP license management software is an add-on that is installed on a central NetWeaver system. Relevant systems are connected via conventional RFC connections. There is no installation on the production systems themselves.

A POC lasting four weeks can be performed at any time with little effort. Three systems or clients can be connected (D&P systems). The POC does not include the write-back of the calculated user license types. Only the full license activates this function.

The main objective of the POC is to demonstrate the efficiency of the SIVIS License Manager in relation to SAP user licensing and to calculate the optimization potential.

Further SIVIS analysis tools

Concept Manager

With the SIVIS Concept Manager you can quickly and easily create reports on your SIVIS projects. Once set up, reports can be generated with the push of a button - in real time, live and without media disruption.

Alert Manager

The SIVIS Alert Manager gives you the opportunity to monitor critical processes in the system promptly. This does not only refer to special users or logins, but captures all critical processes in the considered systems.

Recertification Manager

The SIVIS Recertification Manager is a central cockpit via which reoccurring decisions are monitored, analyzed and managed across systems. Validity of users, roles or assignments can be managed easily and centrally.

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