SIVIS Concept Manager

Simple and fast reporting of your SAP projects

Regular report generation can be time consuming and tedious if done manually. The SIVIS Concept Manager relieves you of this work. With it you can quickly and easily create reports on your SIVIS projects. Once set up, reports can be generated with the push of a button – in real time, live and without media disruption.

Create SAP reports individually and flexibly

How does the SIVIS Concept Manager create the SAP reports?

The SIVIS Concept Manager creates reports which contain different information and data from the SIVIS Suite or your SAP system. The data and information are automatically inserted into a template and saved as PDF. Which information and data is taken from the projects and the design of the resulting report can be set up individually and flexibly.

The SIVIS Concept Manager


Individually and flexibly configurable reports for your SIVIS project.


Uncomplicated reporting on your SIVIS project – without manual effort



By automatically transferring the data from your SAP system to the report, no manual errors can be made.

Correct and complete SAP reports

The SIVIS Concept Manager ensures correct and complete reports

The SIVIS Concept Manager takes over the manual transfer of the tables from your SAP system into a Word document. This prevents errors from being made. The reports are always up-to-date and correct. The update can be repeated as often as required without any further time effort. The SIVIS Concept Manager takes data from the system and automatically inserts it into the predefined text fields.

Prepare for the auditor

Reliable SAP reports for the auditor

Create a reliable report on your SAP project, which the auditor can use to follow up on his work. This reduces the workload on your side, as you do not have to assign an employee to the auditor. The auditor, on the other hand, can get a good overview and carry out his work without being hindered.

Independent creation of reports in real time and without media disruption

Independent creation of reports in real time and without media disruption
With the SIVIS Concept Manager, every authorized employee can independently create up-to-date reports. Once the report is set up, no further effort is required to create a report. The employee needs an up-to-date report, and immediately? Not only after two hours, when a basic or authorization administrator has tediously gathered all information for him. With the SIVIS Concept Manager he has the report in his hands without delay.

SAP project report - fast & flexible

Flexible design of the project report

Customize the reports as you wish. It is not always necessary to include all available tables in the report. You can therefore display and hide tables quickly and easily. You can create customized reports in no time at all.

Templates for the quick creation of a report

The SIVIS Concept Manager offers you a ready-made template with system configurations to be logged. A large number of standard text modules for the Word document are also supplied. These include, for example, guidelines for good naming conventions or explanations for various terms.

Learn more about the SIVIS Concept Manager

SIVIS Concept Manager

All advantages of the SIVIS Concept Manager at a glance

Weitere SIVIS Analyse Tools

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