SIVIS Alert Manager

Risk management in your SAP systems

The SIVIS Alert Manager gives you the opportunity to monitor critical processes in the system promptly. This does not only refer to special users or logins, but captures all critical processes in the considered systems.

Continuous monitoring ensures permanent security

Monitor important tables of your SAP systems

This is because the SIVIS Alert Manager evaluates all critical user processes using the SAP logs. For this purpose, the SIVIS Alert Manager periodically retrieves the data from many SAP standard log tables, evaluates these entries according to the rules and exceptions and saves the critical processes in a separate table.

The entries with a very high risk are stored in a separate database and presented to the responsible persons for checking. This data can be listed in the alert display. If no evaluation rules exist for log data, new rules can be created. User-specific exceptions can be defined in the rule summary. The alerts are sent by email to the members of a responsible group.

Der SIVIS Alert Manager


It takes over the analysis of permanent controls without the need to perform it manually.


Using checkboxes, own preferences can be selected and aggregated.


It monitors the SAP system without user intervention.

Avoid irregularities in the SAP system

Permanent monitoring of the SAP systems

Your SAP systems must be secure and remain secure. Only continuous monitoring and control of the most important tables and sensitive data ensures that no irregularities occur in your systems that you do not – or only too late – discover. The SIVIS Alert Manager supports you in monitoring and documenting all critical changes such as downloads or changes in bank data. It collects and analyzes them according to predefined test rules. Sensitive data and important tables can then be quickly and easily viewed, evaluated and approved by you.

Individual adaptability of risk levels

Adaptive rule editor and freely definable risk levels

Our SIVIS Alert Manager is adaptive. This means it stores and uses logs and approval processes and reapplies them for later events. Independent of this, you can determine yourself how critical a log entry is to be evaluated according to the test rules we provide. After all, you know best which risk levels apply to which cases. The SIVIS Alert Manager gives you the necessary insight to help decide which data is to be assigned to which risk levels.

Further functions of the SIVIS Alert Manager

Avoid deletion of change documents

It is very efficient: Because the SIVIS Alert Manager also collects all changes made. If you previously had to laboriously investigate why for example a customer received a generous discount, this change is now immediately displayed. This enables you to intervene and act quickly.

Extensive evaluation possibilities

The SIVIS Alert Manager is a complete product and can be used immediately according to your wishes. Moreover: There is no need for time-consuming monitoring of internal company developments, which would almost guarantee a complex monitoring process. The SIVIS Alert Manager is now responsible for this.

SIVIS Alert Manager

The advantages of the SIVIS Alert Manager at a glance

Further SIVIS analysis tools

Concept Manager

With the SIVIS Concept Manager you can quickly and easily create reports on your SIVIS projects. Once set up, reports can be generated with the push of a button - in real time, live and without media disruption.

License Manager

The SIVIS License Manager gives you complete control over your SAP licenses. Optimize your license usage, avoid over- and under-licensing and save time and money with the annual SAP license measurement.

Recertification Manager

The SIVIS Recertification Manager is a central cockpit via which reoccurring decisions are monitored, analyzed and managed across systems. Validity of users, roles or assignments can be managed easily and centrally.

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Your benefits at a glance

Your benefits at a glance

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