Our employees are our most valuable asset

We know that our employees are our key to success. Only with them we can offer our customers future-oriented, high-quality and innovative solutions. This is why we take responsibility for each and every employee. We create an environment in which the various strengths of all employees can be brought together in the best possible way.

Furthermore, we support an open corporate culture in which different ways of thinking and working can be developed. Because we want a team with a wide variety of experience, backgrounds and strategies to solve problems. That is why we promote the engagement, know-how and creativity of our employees.

Mitarbeitende aus insgesamt 11 Nationen

Employees from a total of 11 nations

We work together in multicultural teams, as our employees come from a total of 11 different nations. These are China, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Syria and Turkey.

We live inclusion

The integration of people with disabilities into everyday working life and a comfortable working environment are two of the main focuses of SIVIS. In 2014, SIVIS was one of the ten companies nominated for the Baden-Württemberg State Inclusion Prize. In 2015 we were awarded the inclusion prize of the city of Karlsruhe (Inklusionspreis der Stadt Karlsruhe).

Nachwuchsförderung bei SIVIS

Promoting young talents

We actively support the next generation of scientists by providing professional guidance to students writing their Bachelor’s and Master’s theses. In the last three years, ten students have been doing research at SIVIS. A total of four apprentices have been accompanied by SIVIS in their apprenticeship over the last three years. In comparison: SIVIS has just over 40 permanent employees.

SIVIS is all about people

Our high appreciation is the same for all our employees – regardless of age, disability, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, world view and culture. It goes without saying that all our employees have the same opportunities, because for us only their professional and personal qualifications are relevant. Throughout the entire application process, equal opportunities are also of the utmost importance to us. From job advertisement to selection, it is clear that only motivation and skills are relevant for us. This is anchored in our corporate strategy and is actively promoted at management level.


This is how you can become a part of us

We are looking for motivated apprentices and enthusiastic employees. Have a look at our career page. Because we are looking forward to your application.

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We take responsibility for the environment

We want to leave an intact environment and the best possible living conditions to future generations. Therefore, we engage ourselves for the environment.

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