SIVIS Role Manager

Simple and central administration of SAP roles

Create and administer SAP roles centrally with the SIVIS Role Manager. Create a transparent authorization concept effortlessly and carry out mass changes quickly. Because a secure SAP authorization concept goes hand in hand with a clear SAP role concept. The SIVIS Role Manager enables simple and central administration of all roles in your SAP systems.

Administer SAP roles

The SIVIS Role Manager ensures transparency and conciseness in your SAP role concept

Non-transparent, decentralized administration of authorizations, heterogeneous role landscapes and complex role maintenance – this is how many SAP role concepts look like in practice. The structures have often grown historically and are associated with a high amount of manual work. The documentation of transactions is missing, there are too many and intrasparent roles, and the workflow processes are missing.

The SIVIS Role Manager comes into play at this point. It enables a simple and centralized administration of all roles in your SAP systems. It documents role changes and ensures transparency and clarity in your SAP role concept.

The SIVIS Role Manager


For over 20 years, the SIVIS Role Manager has been further developed and constantly optimized to meet the requirements of the users. We orientate ourselves on the wishes of the installation base with over 1 million users.


The SIVIS Role Manager is particularly easy to use thanks to its well planned UI. In addition, the separation of functions and packages ensures greater clarity and makes it particularly easy to change roles.


The documentation in the SIVIS Role Manager happens automatically. This complies with the legal and statutory requirements and is therefore audit-proof.

SIVIS Role Manager

Advantages at a glance: SAP roles can be managed centrally

Merging of all roles

Central administration of all PFCG roles of your SAP environment

The PFCG roles of all SAP projects are consolidated in the SIVIS Role Manager. These can be centrally maintained and managed there. The granted authorizations are made available simultaneously in all desired systems. The SIVIS Role Manager also gives you the necessary flexibility to adapt your authorization concept continuously and quickly to new requirements. Among other things, this is possible by separating “What is done” (Function = functional values of a role such as transactions, authorization objects etc.) and “Where is it done” (Package = organizational values of a role such as cost centers, company codes etc.).

Minimize the effort of SAP role administration

Performing mass changes to SAP roles with the SIVIS Role Manager

Changes to the authorization values of SAP roles are very time-consuming. With the SIVIS Role Manager, mass changes to SAP roles can be realized quickly and easily. Easily change organizational levels, field values of authorizations for an authorization object and field values of authorizations for an authorization field.

Create overview

Documentation and versioning

Changes to individual roles are comprehensibly documented and versioned. For example, it is possible to see who made which changes and when. This ensures clarity and transparency in role administration and guarantees smooth auditing.

Learn more about the SIVIS Role Manager

Frequently asked questions about SIVIS Role Manager

Adjust and administer roles, create an overview of the existing transactions and the characteristics of the authorization objects, carry out mass changes with ease, drag authorization objects for the transactions from the SAP system, which can then be defined very clearly.

Yes, on the lowest tier SIVIS also only creates PFCG roles. Thus, SIVIS can integrate every PFCG role into the SIVIS Role Manager and, if required, transfer all SIVIS roles back into the PFCG.

If you would like to create a better overview of your roles or possibly have a historically grown authorization concept, which you would like to set up cleanly and transparently, or if you frequently have to change organizational units, the SIVIS Role Manager is exactly the right solution for you.

Let’s assume that you want to add an additional subsidiary to your SAP systems. This can be implemented quickly by separating the functions and packages with the SIVIS Role Manager. Simply copy the package of an existing subsidiary and adjust the authorizations if necessary. With the already existing functions, all SAP roles are generated automatically.

By changing a function or a package, you can quickly and easily carry out mass changes for entire departments. With the SIVIS Role Manager, all authorizations and existing SAP roles are managed centrally with just a few clicks.

Further SIVIS managers for the administration of SAP authorizations

Role Reference Manager

The SIVIS Role Reference Manager extends the functions of the SIVIS Role Manager. The SIVIS Role Reference Manager supports the new development of an entire SAP role concept and the renewal of individual parts of a role concept.

Extension Manager

The SIVIS Extension Manager supports SAP authorization assignment by finding and assigning suitable SAP authorizations. It determines which authorizations are available in which roles and thus provides a hit list with suitable default values.

Reduction Manager

The SIVIS Reduction Manager checks the authorizations used by a user and creates a proposal as to which authorization assignments could be deleted.

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