SIVIS Reduction Manager

Clean up your
SAP authorization concept

With a large number of transactions, it is understandable that building and maintaining a reliant and safe SAP authorization concept is challenging. As a result, many SAP users have too many SAP authorizations. Furthermore, single roles and composite roles are often too extensive. With the SIVIS Reduction Manager you can easily clean up your SAP authorization concept.

Clean up the SAP authorization concept with the SIVIS Reduction Manager

The functions of the SIVIS Reduction Manager

The new SIVIS Reduction Manager is a unique solution on the market analyzing all your SAP system traces and providing smart recommendations:

SIVIS Reduction Manager


The SIVIS Reduction Manager works with the transaction data usage to decide which authorizations can be withdrawn from an SAP role.


Due to the automatic suggestions as to which SAP authorizations can be withdrawn, no complex analysis are necessary.


No SAP roles are withdrawn that are used by the users. This ensures that the workflow of the users is not disturbed.

SIVIS Reduction Manager

Advantages of the SIVIS Reduction Manager at a glance:

SAP Authorization Management

Foundation for future
SAP roles and systems

The role concept and authorization concepts developed with the SIVIS Role Manager are an excellent foundation for all further developments. With the SIVIS Role Reference Manager the SAP role concepts can continue to be extended and updated without any problems. This will permanently reduce the effort involved in SAP role building.

SAP Authorization Management

How does the cleansing of SAP roles with the SIVIS Reduction Manager work?

The SIVIS Reduction Manager analyzes the authorizations on the basis of the use of the users’ transaction data in the SAP system. After the analysis, the authorizations are filtered and optimized. Suggestions for optimizing your SAP authorization concept are clearly presented in a cockpit for making decisions.


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Frequently asked questions about the SIVIS Reduction Manager

Extract and evaluate transaction data of users in the system to remove roles that are not used by the users.

If you want to tidy up your authorization concept and get rid of legacies, the SIVIS Reduction Manager is exactly the right solution for you.

Further SIVIS managers for the administration of SAP authorizations

Role Manager

The SIVIS Role Manager enables simple and central administration of all roles in your SAP systems. It thus ensures transparency and comprehensiveness in your SAP role concept.

Extension Manager

The SIVIS Extension Manager supports SAP authorization assignment by finding and assigning suitable SAP authorizations. It determines which authorizations are available in which roles and thus provides a hit list with suitable default values. The following implementation takes place without manual effort.

Role Reference Manager

The SIVIS Role Reference Manager extends the functions of the SIVIS Role Manager. The SIVIS Role Reference Manager supports the new development of an entire SAP role concept and the renewal of individual parts of a role concept.

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