SIVIS Extension Manager

Simple SAP role building

With the SIVIS Extension Manager you receive suggestions for SAP role construction automatically. The subsequent implementation takes place without manual effort.

SAP Authorization Management

The SIVIS Extension Manager suggests suitable authorizations automatically

The SIVIS Extension Manager supports SAP authorization assignment by finding and assigning suitable SAP authorizations. It determines which authorizations are available in which roles and thus provides a hit list with suitable default values. The following implementation takes place without manual effort. This saves time-consuming analysis work and speeds up the construction of SAP roles.

SIVIS Extension Manager


Detects authorization problems in the background without disturbing users in their workflow, prepares them and suggests appropriate roles to solve the authorization problems.


With the SIVIS Extension Manager you save time-consuming analysis with the transactions STAUTHTRACE or SU53.


Secure Go-Live. Users can work with new and old roles. This ensures that the workflow is not disrupted when the new authorization concept is introduced and missing authorizations are detected.

SIVIS Extension Manager

The advantages of the SIVIS Extension Manager at a glance

SAP Authorization Management

Tracing saves time-consuming analysis

The SIVIS Extension Manager records which transactions, objects and values are actually called by individual users but are not currently available in the authorizations and compares these with a best practice role concept. This saves you time-consuming analysis with the transactions STAUTHTRACE and SU53

SAP Authorization Management

Functions of the SIVIS Extension Manager at a glance

The SIVIS Extension Manager analyzes missing authorizations using SAP statistics. Based on the transactions used in the SAP system, it makes automatic SAP authorization proposals for SAP role building.

The assignment of authorizations is considerably simplified with the SIVIS Extension Manager by preparing the non-existent transactions from the transaction data analysis.

SAP Authorization Management

Secure Go-Live of a new authorization concept

The SIVIS Extension Manager enables a smooth and secure Go-Live of new authorizations. If a person’s authorizations are not sufficient after Go-Live, this person is protected by the fallback. In case of doubt, the employee can access the historical/old authorizations. The person does not notice anything of it. The SAP administrator is shown the fallback. The administrator can then extend the person’s SAP authorizations if necessary. Failures are avoided by the secure Go-Live.

Frequently asked questions about the SIVIS Extension Manager

Recognize missing authorizations, make role proposals, prepare the missing authorizations, transactions, authorization objects etc., extend existing roles, create new roles directly from them (in interaction with the SIVIS Role Manager).

Yes, it is. Before the analysis are started, there must be an agreement with the workers’ council. Transaction data can be made anonymous (import of transaction data usage). But in the SIVIS Extension Manager the evaluation is necessary for a specific user. However, these evaluations are in no case available for productivity estimation.

Installation by transport on a central system, e.g. Solution Manager.

Complex analysis via STAUTHTRACE or SU53 are not necessary. The SIVIS Extension Manager simplifies the help desk process by allowing a request for missing authorizations to be made from the SIVIS system.

Further SIVIS managers for the administration of SAP authorizations

Role Manager

The SIVIS Role Manager enables simple and central administration of all roles in your SAP systems. It thus ensures transparency and comprehensiveness in your SAP role concept.

Role Reference Manager

The SIVIS Role Reference Manager extends the functions of the SIVIS Role Manager. The SIVIS Role Reference Manager supports the new development of an entire SAP role concept and the renewal of individual parts of a role concept.

Reduction Manager

The SIVIS Reduction Manager checks the authorizations used by a user and creates a proposal as to which authorization assignments could be deleted.

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