SIVIS Web Manager

The clearly designed surface allows typical self-services for SAP users, for example applying for new authorizations or changing the master data. The SIVIS Web Manager creates transparency and reduces helpdesk tickets significantly.

Your Advantages

Your SAP users work with pleasure and without big training effort with the user friendly SIVIS Web Manager. Self-services, like applying for an authorization, can be done without any help. Required approvals can be comfortably assigned over the SIVIS Web Manager by the department Managers. 15 predefined types of application relieve your IT specialists and let them work more efficient on their daily project business.


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Comfortable mass selections of user, roles and systems

In some companies, approvals have to wait until the chief is back at the office. Or the end user is unable to continue the work, because the application is stuck with the colleagues from helpdesk. A case for the Web Manager. It allows typical self-services for the SAP user such as the application of new authorizations or changing the core data.

Approvals through the department manager

15 pre-defined application types will relieve your IT specialists for the daily project business- the work that brings your company money. The needed approvals can be assigned by the manager with help of the Web Manager in a comfortable way.

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SAP-Fiori and HTML 5 compatible

Further advantages: The Web Manager reduces the amount of tickets for the helpdesk. Central decisions can be made everywhere-the information happens over mail. Furthermore, the solution is compatible with SAP-Fiori and HTML5.

Free adaption to the Corporate Design

The easy and clear designed surface supports the user within the application. Furthermore, the Web Manager guarantees transparency and a free adaption to the Corporate Design.
Effects: No more unsatisfied end user. And a Helpdesk that can take care of more important tasks than assigning authorizations.

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