SIVIS UME Connector

Users and authorizations for SAP-Portal are administrated from a central point with the SIVIS UME-Connector. That allows you to harmonize different authorization objects in one SIVIS project.

Your Advantages

Edit your users and their access permissions from a central point. Capture new employees for all target systems only once.

Takeover of roles and groups

It also needs a connector for SAP-Portal, for an easy takeover of roles and groups. SIVIS created the UME connector for this purpose, to align different authorization objects in one SIVIS project.

Managing of user and role assignments

Deposing user and authorizations for SAP-Portal on a central location with help of our UME connector. Making the managing of user and their role assignments smart, simple and safe.

SAP-BI Anbindung
SAP Rollenvorlagen

Connection of several portals possible

Only the processing of user and their access rights out of different systems makes it possible. We are talking about the connection of several portals. Our UME Connector solves this case effortless.