SIVIS License Manager

Optimizing the SAP license inventory with our License Manager guarantees a permanent, ideal distribution of the existing license inventory based on the actual usage of the SAP users. Complicated preparations regarding the SAP system measurement belong to the past. License audits, including the indirect usage as well, turn transparent and verifiable.

SAP Lizenzmanagement

Central License Management

License Manager facilitates central management of all SAP user licenses. There is no need to edit user profiles in each individual system. Instead, License Manager enables information to be updated across all connected SAP systems. License Manager identifies inactive SAP users and deactivates their accounts. Double user accounts are consolidated so that every SAP user has exactly one named user license across all SAP systems. The licenses freed in the process eliminate the need to purchase new ones and enable you to reassign unused licenses.

Transaction Database

License Manager uses a dynamic transaction database known as the Optimization Engine to determine the optimal license types. It contains all the transactions executable in SAP that were evaluated with a specific named-user license type. The transaction database is constantly modified, expanded, and updated to include new transactions, for example, when SAP makes changes to its price and condition lists. License Manager checks the usage data collected for individual users against the transactional database and automatically switches to the correct type of license if the current license does not suit their usage behaviour.

SAP Lizenzmanagement
SAP Rollenvorlagen


License Manager enables customers to take into account all the details from company-specific SAP contracts in order to create a precise model of their business conditions. An extensive range of customizing options are available to the client for this purpose. For example, prices and conditions, ratio-based rules (ratio of professional to limited professional user licenses), special licenses, transaction evaluations for customer-specific transactions, and more can all be precisely configured. This information provides a framework for optimizing the SAP licenses.

Indirect Access Analysis

With License Manager you can find out which third-party systems and add-ons access your SAP data. License Manager automatically analyses all RFC connections and the data exchanged over them. It evaluates the interfaces to determine actual usage and identifies critical situations based on this information. As a result, you receive a regularly updated risk overview that serves as a basis for further evaluations.

SAP Rollenverwaltung