SIVIS Role Manager

The SIVIS Role Manager allows you to manage all roles of your SAP system landscape comfortable and central. No matter if your company gets further establishments or new modules are implemented, with the SIVIS Role Manager you can create the fitting authorizations fast.

Your Advantage

The Role Manager provides a fast overview over all relevant authorization objects, transactions and fields. The separation of “what is done” (function) and “where is it done” (package), allows you to customize your authorization concept to steady growing requirements. An adjustment on relevant authorization objects is done automatically.

SAP Rollenverwaltung

Central management of all SAP roles

This makes your IT break out in panic: A non-transparent, decentral management of authorizations. Added to that, a heterogenic role landscape. And, to make the chaos complete, an extremely extensive maintenance of roles, no matter where you look. But it can be so easy- with our Role Manager. It manages all roles of your SAP system landscape centrally.

Mass changes for whole departments

Your company opens a new establishment or launches new modules? No problem for the Role Manager. In no time, mass changes can be performed for whole departments. Authorizations can be managed centrally with a few clicks- with a tool for all authorization technologies.

SAP Rollenverwaltung
SAP Rollenverwaltung

Pre-defined role concept

Further advantages: The Role Manager gives you a fast overview of all relevant authorization objects, transactions and fields. Therefore, we have a separation in „what is done“(function) and „where is it done“(package). You can easily adapt your authorization concept to new requirements. An alignment of important authorizations objects happens automatically by the way.