SIVIS Reduction Manager

Based on SAP protocols, the SIVIS Reduction Manager filters, cleans and analyses the existing SAP authorizations automatically. Suggestions for the optimization of your SAP authorization concept are displayed clear in a decision cockpit.

Your Advantages

Minimize the risks in your enterprise with the withdrawal of not used authorizations. Create more transparency with a slim authorization concept. Clean your SAP roles from not used authorization objects.

SAP Rollenentzug

Automatic cleaning of user

You pay for expensive licenses and don’t even use them in their full extent? Change that! Minimize your company risk by withdrawing of unnecessary authorizations. You will create more transparency through a slim authorization cockpit. We deliver the needed tool for automatic cleaning of user: the Reduction Manager.

Decision Cockpit in the web

The suggestions for optimizing your SAP authorization concept are displayed clearly in a Web cockpit for decision. You just need to reach for it.

SAP Ausnahmeberechtigungen
SAP Ausnahmeberechtigungen

Integrated rule manager

Based on SAP protocols, the Reduction Manager analyses, filters and cleans the existing SAP authorizations. Authorization objects which aren’t used have no chance that way. The integrated rule manager makes it possible.