SIVIS Identity Manager

The SIVIS Identity Manager locally manages and documents all your SAP system entries and authorizations of your users. With the flexible request- and release process, the SIVIS Identity Manager realises your requirements perfectly and completely without any media disruptions.

Your Advantages

Changes on the user strain pass through a request- and release process, so that a revision safe documentation is granted. Master data, user parameters as well as all role assignments are managed central for all systems. Relocation of the competences for the authorizations assignments, away from IT specialists and to the particular department. Submit your user requests purposefully and relieve your helpdesk.

SAP Zentrale Benutzerverwaltung

Target system independent user management of all connected systems

Revision safe documentation-some companies can’t hear it anymore. However, it is important as it takes decentralized user structures in your SAP system landscape to an end. But how? With the Identity Manager. This little helper manages and documents all SAP system accesses and authorizations of your user centrally. Core data, user parameter and role assignments are managed on a central point-independent of the target system.

Organizational illustration of all applicants and user

With a flexible application and approval process, the Identity Manager implements your demands and guidelines just the way you want- without any media breaks. All applicants and user are shown in an organizational illustration.

SAP Rollenvorlagen
SAP Benutzeroberfläche

Automatic documentation of all user changes

Changes of the user core data run through an automatic application and approval process-a main requirement for a revision safe documentation. The Identity Manager stands for an easy creation of user including all changes. Advantage number one: You transfer your competences for the assignment of authorization away from your IT specialists to the departments. Advantage number two: Your helpdesk will be relieved. Revision safe documentation-for your future it will be no big deal anymore.