SIVIS HR Connector

Users and authorizations for SAP HR are administrated on a central point with the SIVIS HR-Connector. That allows you to harmonize different authorization objects in one SIVIS project.

Your Advantages

Edit your users as well as their authorizations from any systems on a central point. Capture new employees for all target systems only once.

Integration of HR organisation management

How can you derive user and role processes for your IT system out of SAP HR org. management?

For this cases we developed the HR Connector. It makes sure that user and authorizations are managed on a central point in SAP HR.

SAP-BI Anbindung

Harmonising of user core data

Thanks to the HR Connector, different authorization objects in a SIVIS project can be harmonised easily. User core data can be managed synchronic and maintained at one point.

Reacting to measurements

User and their access rights are deposed on a central point with help of the HR Connector. That way, you can implement every needed forms of measurements and your SIVIS project is always on the latest status.

SAP-BI Anbindung