SIVIS HANA Connector

HANA Studio Berechtigungen werden mit dem HANA Connector an zentraler Stelle verwaltet. So können unterschiedliche Berechtigungsobjekte in einem SIVIS Projekt harmonisiert werden.

Your Advantages

Edit your users and their access permissions from a central point. Capture new employees for all target systems only once.

SAP-BI Anbindung

Takeover of HANA roles in SIVIS

Of course SIVIS can do HANA. The HANA Connector makes it possible. It loads the HANA studio authorizations into the SIVIS Manager and manages all relevant assignments in no time.

Managing of user and assignments

The HANA Connector creates a connection from SAP HANA to our Identity Manager- of course with the usual SIVIS comfort. The managing of user and assignments proceeds smart, simple and safe.

SAP-BI Anbindung
SAP Prüfung kritischer Berechtigungen

Connection of several HANA systems possible

Several HANA systems shall be connected to the Identity Manager? No problem for the HANA connector. It checks the identity in SIVIS, aligns other authorizations and unites the SAP systems with HANA authorizations.