SIVIS Emergency Manager

SAP users need the assignment of extended rights fast and temporary in exceptional and emergency situations. The performed activities will be documented completely. You can distribute this rights once, temporary or permanent.

Your Advantages

Emergencies become minor matters with the SIVIS Emergency Manager. Predefined emergency users with extended rights allow a quick reaction without any downtime. Our predefined set of rules reveals any critical changes during the process immediately.

Predefined ruleset

Does this sound familiar? An employee gets sick and another has to replace him quickly. Due to a lack of time he gets a SAP_ALL profile, which leaves the gates wide open for misuse. Time for the Emergency Manager. A predefined emergency user with extended rights makes a fast reaction possible-without downtime.

Alert via traffic light system

Green-yellow-red: Time for the emergency user management out of the box. And for the Emergency Manager. The departments receive predefined sentinels for immediate use. And your truck driver can continue his work, as he got his delivery bill after all.

SAP Rollenentzug
SAP Rollenentzug

Evaluation of all common SAP protocols

And if there is still an irregularity: Our predefined rule set detects critical changes during the emergency procedure immediately. You will always have full control, as you are able to assign the durance of the rule assignments once, temporary or permanent.

Emergency stop in case of misuse

In case of misuse the Emergency Manager immediately informs a predefined group of persons, who can directly stop the session. Another advantage: The protocolling is revision safe. SAP_ALL profiles, helpdesk services that are not logged and operational interruptions are now in the past.

SAP Ausnahmeberechtigungen