SIVIS Compliance Manager

The SIVIS Compliance Manager analyses the adjusted authorizations in the customer system for weaknesses, risks and violations against laws and law similar regulations. The analysis takes place in real time, authorization conflicts can be recognized and processed immediately.

Your advantages

With the pre-defined audit checks of SIVIS you ensure that your authorization concept answers the needs of internal and external revision. Beside the check of critical activities and authorization combinations, system parameter are controlled. With the Audit Cockpit you always have an overview of your authorization concept.

Warning system for detecting the risks before go-live

The auditor is back again and demands extensive evaluations. You’re not quite sure what to do-your authorization concept has grown tremendously over the years. However, this won’t protect you from fees. Good that we have the Compliance Manager. It analyses the authorizations in your customer system for weaknesses, risks and law abuses in real time. That way you can detect authorization conflicts immediately and ban them forever.

Comprehensive databank of important audits and checking’s

Be honest with yourself: You can’t answer the question “who is able to do what in SAP”. Change that with the Compliance Manager. With our pre-defined audit checks you are safe from the demands of internal and external revision. Besides the checking of critical activities and authorization combinations, system parameter will be inspected as well.

Approval process in case of conflicts

With the Compliance Manager you will keep a clear overview of your authorization concept at all times. Furthermore it has solution suggestions for a fast correction of conflicts. And an audit with relevant security queries for your company. Extensive evaluation possibilities are part of this solution as well. Even an offline audit for existing system is possible, with just a few clicks.
Structures with no transparency? This risk belongs to the past.

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