SIVIS Alert Manager

The SIVIS Alert Manager evaluates all critical user processes on the basis of the SAP protocols. Protocol entries are created due to risk evaluation rules. The entries with the highest risk levels are saved in an own data bank und then shown to the responsible Manager for control.

Your Advantages

Continuous monitoring of important tables provides permanent security for your SAP system. You can define the risk level of our checking rules completely free. You won’t miss any changes, from the transport management to critical transactions.

SAP Protokolle

Permanent surveillance of SAP systems

Your SAP systems need to be safe and stay safe. Only through permanent surveillance and control of the most important tables and risky data you can assure that no irregularities appear in your system, which may be detected too late. That is the guarantee of the Alert Manager. It supervises and documents every critical change, e.g. downloads or changings of bank data. It collects and analyses data with given checking rules. Afterwards you can view, evaluate and approve all sensible data and important tables fast and uncomplicated.

Adaptive rule editor and free definition of risk Levels

Our Alert Manager is capable of learning. That means, it saves and uses protocols and approval processes and uses them for later events. However, you can choose by yourself how critical a protocol entry has to be evaluated by our given checking rules. You know best, which risk levels apply for which cases. The Alert Manager gives you the needed perspective to decide, which data needs to receive what risk level.


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SAP Rollenvorlagen

Avoid deleting change bills

As busy as a bee: The Alert Manager collects all changes as well. If you had to do some extensive research before why a customer got a generous discount, you can view it immediately now. That way, you can interfere and act as fast as possible.

Extensive evaluating possibilities

The Alert Manager is a finished product ready for use. Oh, and there is more: Extensive monitoring of company intern developments, which make such complex surveillance processes possible, are not needed. Because the Alert Manager is taking care of it.

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