SIVIS AD Connector

User and authorizations are administrated on a central point with the SIVIS Connectors. That allows you to harmonize different authorization objects in one SIVIS project.

Non-SAP systems like the Microsoft Active Directory are administrated with the SIVIS AD-Connector.

Your Advantages

Edit your users as well as their authorizations from any systems at a central point. Capture new employees for all target systems only once.

Managing of user and authorization groups

What options do you have, if you face a non SAP system as a company that is home in the SAP world? The most common example for this is the Active Directory (AD) of Microsoft. Of course we have a solution for that, too: the AD Connector. It manages user and authorization groups on a central point.

Placing of user parameter

By placing user parameters with our AD Connector, different authorization objects can be harmonised in a SIVIS project.

Employee entry and exit processes

Even employee entry- and exit scenarios can be configured easily. New employees will be filed for every target system only once. Our AD connector makes it possible.

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