SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager

Ready-to-use templates for the next SAP compliance audit

The SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager is an extension for the SIVIS Compliance Manager. The SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager extends the SIVIS Compliance Manager by over 500 ready-made audit queries. These templates can be quickly and easily integrated into your SAP system landscape.

500 ready-made audit queries

Identify possible security risks in the SAP system landscape

Evaluate specifically the implementation and maintenance of compliance management in your SAP system landscape. The SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager provides you with over 500 audit queries which you can use to determine the status quo.

SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager


It is seamlessly integrated into the SIVIS Compliance Manager


Simply select from about 500 predefined queries


Countless companies use it out of the box and others use it as a template and easily adapt the audit conflicts to specific needs.

Reflect internal compliance rules

Individual adaptability of SAP compliance audit queries

The templates can be quickly and easily adapted to the individual needs of your company. It is also possible to create additional templates so that internal compliance rules can also be reflected in the templates. Among the highlights is also a selection for online and offline audit runs that has been tested in practice. These are compiled audit evaluations that consist of various queries and the system status can be analyzed. These include 350 critical combinations and 150 critical activities to make your work easier.

Developed in accordance with official requirements

Orientation to the DSAG audit guidelines and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The ready-made audit queries of the SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager were developed on the basis of the DSAG guidelines for ERP audits and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Revisors and auditors also work with these guidelines. With over 20 years of experience within SIVIS, during which we have always worked closely with our customers, this results in templates for internal auditing that are close to the company and have been tested in practice. Your SAP system landscape is thus prepared for the next audit.

Save time and money on audits

protection from penalties for compliance violations

The best action plan for compliance with laws and regulations is to have the right controls in place. Developing best practices and using appropriate tools helps companies automate compliance and reduce the cost of compliance management. Identifying risks and violations before the auditor’s audit is critical to this.

This enables proactive action and saves time and money of possible penalties. The audit queries always meet the latest requirements. Therefore, there are no unforeseen requests that the auditor might make to you.

Frequently asked questions about the SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager

No, however, SIVIS creates the queries on the basis of the official regulations such as the DSAG inspection guidelines or SOX. In addition, SIVIS profits from customer experience when building the queries and SIVIS customers also profit from SIVIS experience, as the regulations are revised and extended 2-3 times a year. Therefore, the audit queries are always up-to-date and field-tested.

Further SIVIS managers for the administration of SAP users

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Mitigation Manager

With the SIVIS Mitigation Manager, unavoidable audit conflicts can be mitigated. The smart tool automatically creates compensatory controls based on previously defined rules if audit conflicts arise in the SIVIS Compliance Manager.

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