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SAP Authorization Management


A high number of identities and authorizations means a high amount of effort – especially if they have to be administered manually by the employees. Using the right IAM tool (Identity and Access Management Tool) supports you with the administration and relieves your employees.

The SIVIS Identity Manager automates and simplifies the recording, control and administration of users and the associated access rights and approval processes.

The innovative SIVIS Identity Manager


A clean definition of workflows allows processes to be implemented and easily mapped in very complex system landscapes.


With the SIVIS Identity Manager you can easily perform mass changes. Quickly and easily add or remove new attributes such as roles in the destination system for any number of users.


Administration with a thorough authorization concept, visibility and responsibilities within the SIVIS Identity Manager. You can also define an individual confirmation strategy and implement a two-man rule.

SIVIS Identity Manager

Identity and Access Management (IAM) from SIVIS - The functions of the SIVIS Identity Manager

With the SIVIS Identity Manager you administer and document all SAP system accounts and authorizations of your users centrally. The concept includes:

SAP Authorization Management

Audit-proof documentation ensures transparency and compliance

In a decentralized user administration in the SAP system landscape, audit-proof documentation is difficult to maintain. With the help of the SIVIS Identity Manager an end is put to this. The SIVIS Identity Manager centrally documents all SAP system accounts and authorizations of your users. The SIVIS Identity Manager administers all master data, user parameters and role assignments independently of the destination system.

SAP Authorization Management

Decentralized administration of the assignment of rights

With the SIVIS Identity Manager, decentralized organizational structures are combined into independently operating units. The basic idea is simple: How and with which employees location- or country-specific processes are to be handled is well known to the employees of the specialist departments on site. These employees usually know the processes and process steps running in the company and know who is executing them. On the other hand, detailed knowledge of SAP authorization systems is available only to a limited extent or very rarely. This knowledge can be found with the SAP administrators.

With the SIVIS Identity Manager, the employees on site can organize the allocation of tasks and associated rights for their specialist areas themselves. Rights are assigned by key users or area managers who have been assigned subsets of SAP users and authorizations in the form of role descriptions by the central administration.

As a result, user requests are targeted and your helpdesk is significantly relieved. The competence to assign authorizations is shifted from the IT specialists to the business department. Nevertheless, you still meet the requirements of an audit-proof documentation.

SAP Authorization Management

Flexible request and approval procedure

All changes to the user master data go through an automated request and approval procedure. This includes changes to authorizations or user data, locking and unlocking users, and creating and deleting users. The request approval is flexibly configurable and can be adapted to the needs of your company.

SAP Authorization Management

Automation of workflow-supported processes

The automation factor of IAM should also not be underestimated. Manual processes in authorization management cost IT employees a lot of time – most IT managers spend several hours a week or even daily on identity-related tasks.

An IAM system can centralize and automate these tasks while maintaining compliance policies.

SAP Authorization Management

Avoiding the apprentice effect through successful Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Verhindern Sie kritische Berechtigungskombinationen mit dem Identity Access Management von SIVIS. Ein neuer Mitarbeitender benötigt eine Reihe Berechtigungen, um arbeiten zu können. Diese müssen nicht nur in einer Vielzahl der Applikationen angelegt, sondern auch gepflegt werden.

Prevent critical authorization combinations with Identity Access Management from SIVIS.

A new employee needs a number of authorizations to be able to work. These must not only be created in a large number of applications, but also be maintained. To do this, access authorizations must be adjusted when changing departments, for vacation replacements or new projects. Often the withdrawal of authorizations is neglected. If this is not done, an apprentice who passes through many departments of a company has the most authorizations and thus becomes a security and risk factor. With a comprehensive identity management system, such problems belong to the past. Special backups and tools such as the SIVIS Identity Manager prove both critical authorization combinations and documentation gaps. This allows a company to maintain an overview of who received which authorization and when.

SAP Authorization Management

Extend the SIVIS Identity Manager

Automate processes with the SIVIS HR Connector or the SIVIS AD Connector

For example, automate the entire employee life cycle process. This is possible with the SIVIS Identity Manager in combination with the SIVIS HR Connector and the SIVIS AD Connector. When an employee joins, leaves or changes position, the accounts and authorizations are automatically transferred to the various destination systems.

Avoid compliance violations with the SIVIS Compliance Manager

Integrate the SIVIS Compliance Manager and ensure that there are no SOD conflicts or compliance violations when distributing authorizations.

Further managers for the administration of SAP users

Emergency Manager

SIVIS stands for SAP security. However, comprehensive security can only be achieved if it is also guaranteed in emergency and exceptional situations. The SIVIS Emergency Manager ensures that you remain in control even in these situations.

Mitigation Manager

With the SIVIS Mitigation Manager, unavoidable audit conflicts can be mitigated. The smart tool automatically creates compensatory controls based on previously defined rules if audit conflicts arise in the SIVIS Compliance Manager.

Compliance Manager

The SIVIS Compliance Manager supports you in closing compliance gaps in your SAP system and mitigating compliance risks. It analyzes the SAP authorization concept for weaknesses, risks and violations of laws and law-like regulations.

SIVIS Compliance
Reference Manager

The SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager is an extension for the SIVIS Compliance Manager. The SIVIS Compliance Reference Manager extends the SIVIS Compliance Manager by over 500 ready-made audit queries. These templates can be quickly and easily integrated into your SAP system landscape.

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