What SIVIS Compliance Services can offer you

Critical authorizations, SoD conflicts by authorizations, unauthorized access authorizations, usernames and passwords, access methods, emergency management, user processes, customizing and system parameter-all these things are checked by us.

Overview of critical safety gaps

To give you an extended overview of critical safety gaps, we implement an extractor in the SAP surroundings. It exports audit relevant data such as user- and authorization information. The gathered information is checked for critical authorizations with help of our established audit rules. At the same time, we analyze system parameter, password rules and user processes.

Focus on SAP system safety

In a local presentation we show you the identified risks and define the applicable measurements for the ideal safety standard together. Of course, the security roadmap considers the individual requirements for your company as well.

Relax when the auditor comes for a visit

Our Compliance services provide certainty regarding upcoming audit checks. We identify all your sensitive data. Furthermore, we offer you specific measurements to protect from internal and external attacks. Further advantage for you: You can use the safety concepts again for future projects.

Any questions left?

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