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Our approx. 50 employees work mainly at two locations in Germany. SIVIS GmbH offers qualified consulting as well as project implementation in the areas of SAP security, SAP compliance and SAP authorizations as well as in the SAP basis area. For this purpose we sell, lease and use special SAP add-on software solutions developed by us.

But we are also represented in Switzerland and South Africa. For over 20 years, our employees have been the driving force behind our virtual idea implementation. We store this power on our more than 100 servers, we use the latest technology and we come together in digital meetings.

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SIVIS as an employer - our values


Our employees want to constantly improve themselves and our software. For this purpose, we develop our own software innovations. In an additional research project, we cooperate with the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. We were even awarded for this.

Team spirit

We have created a team spirit that can also be felt every day at work and spurs us on to top performance. It’s not just the team events that contribute to this. Privately organized events by and for colleagues are also popular. There is something for everyone: hiking days, basketball and volleyball sessions / movie and game nights / …



With us, everyone is aware of the part they play in our joint success. Only when each and everyone fulfills his or her mission can we put our horsepower on the road and deliver a top performance.


Diversity is most apparent in our multicultural team, as our employees come from a total of 11 different nations. What’s over and above that, the diverse characters and colleagues of all ages bring many different perspectives to the work.

What we offer you

Our benefits


Company pension plan

We provide new employees with detailed consultation and an offer for a company pension plan. In addition to the earned deferred compensation, the employer’s contribution is also paid into the pension plan.


Business mobile phone

All employees may be given a company mobile phone after the probationary period at the latest. This may also be used privately.


Mobile work

Every employee receives a laptop that allows them to work easily anywhere – whether in the office, at home, or completely mobile while on the road. We trust our employees to find the optimal workplace for them.


Ergonomic workstations

Every workstation at our company is ergonomically equipped. Height-adjustable tables allow the workstations to be adapted individually. Working while standing is also possible.


30 days vacation & special leave

In addition to the 30 days of regular annual vacation, all employees receive up to an additional 5 days of special leave for certain occasions. For instance, one day is granted for moving.


Permanent employment contract

Regardless of whether you are a career starter or an experienced professional – everyone receives a permanent employment contract right from the start. Trainees and students who are hired by us after their training or final thesis also receive a permanent employment contract.

Opportunities to enter

Your way to SIVIS

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Students at SIVIS

Permanent position with SIVIS

Our employees are our most valuable asset – that’s why we go to great lengths to make everyone feel comfortable at our company. We believe that cooperation should be based on mutual respect, both for the person and for their ideas and decisions.

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Fordern Sie eine persönliche Live-Demo an und erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Anwendungen und Services. Egal ob Identity Management, Risk Management, Compliance, Lizenzen,  Berechtigungen oder ein anderes SAP-Sicherheitsthema.
Wir haben die passenden Lösungen für Ihr Unternehmen.

Live-Demonstration anfordern

* Indem Sie unten auf „DEMO ANFORDERN“ klicken, stimmen Sie zu, dass die SIVIS GmbH die angegebenen persönlichen Daten speichert und verarbeitet, um Ihnen die angeforderten Inhalte bereitzustellen. Mehr Informationen finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung.

Deine Ausbildung bei der SIVIS

Welche Ausbildungen bieten wir an?

Welche Vorteile hat eine Ausbildung bei der SIVIS?

Wie viele Auszubildende gibt es bei der SIVIS?

Derzeit gibt es drei Auszubildende bei der SIVIS GmbH – in jeder Fachrichtung einen.

Werden die Auszubildenden übernommen?

Wir bilden aus, um zu Übernehmen.


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Sende Deine Unterlagen an Am besten fügst Du der Mail folgende Dokumente bei:  Deine letzten beiden Schulzeugnisse und einen kurzen Lebenslauf mit Angaben zu Deiner Schullaufbahn, Deinen Lieblingsfächern und Hobbies sowie, wenn vorhanden, Angaben zu Ferien-/ oder Nebenjobs.

Das ist bei uns nicht nötig! :)

Ruf uns einfach an. Ganz unverbindlich beantworten wir Dir gerne all Deine Fragen.

Tel. 0721665 930-35

Studierende bei der SIVIS

Was bieten wir Studierenden an?

Warum ist der Einstieg bei SIVIS sinnvoll?

Your benefits at a glance

Request a live demo an learn more about our applications and services. Whether Identity Management, Risk Management, Compliance, Licenses, Authorizations or any other SAP security topic. We have the right solutions for your company.

Request a personal Live-Demo

* By clicking on "REQUEST DEMO" below, you agree that SIVIS GmbH may store and process the personal data provided in order to provide you with the requested content. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Your apprenticeship at SIVIS

Which apprenticeships do we offer?

What are the advantages of an apprenticeship at SIVIS?

How many apprentices are there at SIVIS?

There are currently three apprentices at SIVIS GmbH – one in each field.

Will the apprentices be hired?

We train apprentices so that we can hire them afterwards.


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Send your application to It is best to include the following documents in the e-mail: Your last two school reports and a short resume with information about your school curriculum, your favorite subjects and hobbies as well as, if available, information about vacation or part-time jobs.

This is not necessary with us! :)

Just give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Tel. 0721665 930-35

Students at SIVIS

What do we offer students?

Why is working with SIVISA a good idea?

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