SIVIS Password Manager

The SIVIS Password Manager is a web application which can perform a password reset safe, easy and fast or distribute a new password. The authentication of the user can be performed through different ways, for example through a HR master data adjustment. The user will receive the generated password by email.

Your Advantages

Relieve your helpdesk from resetting forgotten passwords. Allow your end users to initialize their passwords by their own. No waiting time, fast work resumption and trouble-free workflow.


  • Free definable authentication process
  • User friendly web application
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Improved service level
  • Standardized process for password guidelines

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • The holiday of your employee was long and passwords are forgotten?
  • Your helpdesk has no time for their projects?
  • Password maintenance of your SAP systems is too time consuming?

With us it’s different:

  • The end user can choose if the password should be reset for one or more systems
  • You can choose which authentication options the user has

Our aspirations

No more stressed users, no long waiting times due to blocked users anymore, no more time consuming password resets !

Any questions left?

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