SIVIS Alert Manager

The SIVIS Alert Manager evaluates all critical user processes on the basis of the SAP protocols. Protocol entries are created due to risk evaluation rules. The entries with the highest risk levels are saved in an own data bank und then shown to the responsible Manager for control.

Your Advantages

Continuous monitoring of important tables provides permanent security for your SAP system. You can define the risk level of our checking rules completely free. You won’t miss any changes, from the transport management to critical transactions.


  • Permanent monitoring
  • Avoid the deleting of changing receipts
  • Extensive analysis possibilities
  • The rule editor is capable of learning including free definable risk level

Does this sound familiar?

  • Generous discounts are granted without agreement?
  • Important program settings don’t get documented?
  • Monitoring of customer own development is time consuming?

With us it’s different:

  • Easy way to analyse your critical tables
  • Permanent monitoring of critical changes
  • Evaluation of reading SAP accesses

Our aspiration

No protocol overflow anymore, no more undetected changes!

Any questions left?

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