The SIVIS Modules

Our modules characterize through their easy and clear surface, because of the high standardization a fast applicability is guaranteed.

Alert Manager Icon

Alert Manager

Evaluate all common SAP protocols and rate the protocol entries with the risk assessment rules.
Compliance Manager Icon

Compliance Manager

Weaknesses, risks and law violations get analysed and are permanent displayed offline or in the running system.
Emergency Manager Icon

Emergency Manager

Simplifies the distribution and the control of exceptional authorizations in SAP Systems.
Extension Manager Icon

Extension Manager

You receive suggestions for the creation of roles, the following realisation is done without manual effort.
Identity Manager Icon

Identity Manager

Comfortable creation, administration and maintenance of the user profiles from a central point.
Password Manager Icon

Password Manager

A Web application which can perform a password reset safe, easy and fast.
Recertification Manager Icon

Recertification Manager

Recurring decisions get monitored and analysed in a system overlapping cockpit.
Reduction Manager Icon

Reduction Manager

Filter and clean existing SAP authorizations automatically. A cockpit shows up optimizing suggestions.
Reference Manager Icon

Reference Manager

Over 1000 prefabricated roles which are customizable to fit your requirements.
Role Manager Icon

Role Manager

Create new authorizations easily and implement them simultaneously in all systems.
Web Manager Icon

Web Manager

A clear surface allows typical actions all around the administration of SAP access data.
AD Connector Icon

AD Connector

Creates the connection from the MS-AD to the SIVIS Identity Manager with the known SIVIS comfort.
BI Connector Icon

BI Connector

Functions, packages, characteristics and analysis authorizations always in view.
HR Connector Icon

HR Connector

Creates the connection from the HR system to the SIVIS Identity Manager with the known SIVIS comfort.
UME Connector Icon

UME Connector

Central administration of SAP-Portal-Authorizations (UME-Roles) over the SIVIS Identity Manager.

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